24 Hours In Miami

By March 8, 2018Featured, Lifestyle, Travel

My first trip to Miami was the middle of December & I could not wait, wait to escape the cold British weather, to hit South Beach for some sun & sand, explore Wynwood Place which I had so many places I wanted to go to & so much more. Since my first visit I have been three more times but the first was definitely my favourite trip, maybe because it was all so new but it definitely exceeded my expectations.

Since then I have been able to discover some new places & favourite spots that I keep wanting to go back to so I decided to pull together a ’24 Hours In Miami’ a sort of mini guide, mainly listing my favourite spots – which are very food related, there are so many great places to stop in at that it’s hard to say no.

Area: Wynwood Place

  I tend to struggle with the time zone change when going to Miami so I was up ridiculously early 5am & could not get back to sleep so I always decide it’s best to get up & head on out, make the most of the day. Plus when it’s really early in the morning I love seeing watching the city wake up, so with a coffee to go we headed on out to our Uber with one place in mind, Wynwood Place.

This was the first area I wanted to go to because it had just seemed so vibrant with a real mix of shops, restaurants & where you can simply walk around & explore. It’s known as being the ‘hippy’ area of Miami & it definitely has a laid back feel, I’ve now been to this area several times & love just walking around. Popping into the vintage clothes stores, picking up my favourite hand cream & body was from Aesop, there is a real mix that you can enjoy.

Colourful, art murals on nearly all of the buildings adds to the vibrancy of the area so with only 24 hours this is definitely an area I love visiting for the day!

Morning Coffee: The Salty Donut 

Address: 50 NW 23rd St. #112 Miami, FL 33127

Waking up so early on my first visit there were two key things on the agenda, coffee & food whatever food that was there was no requirements but when I came across ‘The Salty Donut’ on Instagram I knew this had to be the first stop of the day.

I love anything sweet but don’t get me wrong I’d never consider donuts for breakfast but when you arrive at The Salty Donut & see the array of mouthwatering, pieces of art that are donuts.

You are spoilt for choice from the wide mixed array of flavours & combinations, I after many minutes deliberating went for maple syrup & bacon, but I couldn’t leave it at only one so followed with mini donuts that came with their own caramel injection.

Sitting outside with coffee & a selection of donuts, the warm sunshine beaming down on you it was definitely a great way to start the morning.

Brunch: MIAM Cafe

Address: 2750 NW 3rd Avenue,Suite 21, Miami, Florida 33127

Looking for something that’s full of goodness & sets your taste buds tingling first thing in the morning well then this is definitely the spot for you.

After a long flight there is nothing better than eating some fresh tasty food so this is why we headed here as not only did the Instagram pictures of the food look drool worth, but it had the perfect outside seating area allowing us to enjoy some sunshine whilst we dived into our food.

The menu is a mix of fresh breakfast dished from smashed avocado to poached eggs on toasted bagels. I’m not real one for toast but I love a seeded bagel, maybe its totally an American thing to do but with some cream cheese on the side it’s simply & oh so tasty.

So along with my bagel, I enjoyed the homemade granola & yoghurt, perfect to set you up for the day. Also on this block there is the most amazing ice lolly bar you will ever find, so your getting two brilliant eateries on the same block.

To Do: Wywood Walls

Wynwood, was the first & main area I wanted to visit in Miami for it is known for being the colourful & artsy neighbourhood. Walking around the area you are constantly turning your eye to the collection of giant walls that have become  an outdoor museum showcasing large-scale works by some of the world’s best-known street artists. You can enjoy exploring the art around Wynwood or head into the outdoor museum & see all of the amazing artwork up close. After exploring you can then head on out to the  surrounding streets which have converted warehouses housing craft breweries & funky art galleries

Lunch: Coyo Taco 

Address: 2300 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127, USA

Now this is definitely saving the best til last, as this was such an unexpected find but oh boy the food was unreal, we could have kept on eating & even went back again on our second visit to Miami, when you know the food is that good is there any point looking else where?

Maybe the large groups of people sat outside or the queue of people waiting to be served should have given away that this place was popular with the locals, as we got in line behind a bunch of local doctors all in their scrubs waiting to order what would be the best Mexican.

The food is made fresh in front of you from steak tacos, chunky guacamole, to chicken & bean salads with dip that kept us quiet as we enjoyed every mouthful with homemade lemonade. I could have gone back for dinner but seriously this place you have to try out in Wynwood.