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When it comes to travelling I have been lucky to visit a number of places but still have a list a mile long of places to cross off. So lucky for me I have Liverpool John Lennon Airport on my doorstep 15 minutes away to be exact. Me & a handful of lucky bloggers/vloggers set out for a very early morning Flybe flight from Liverpool to Amsterdam for our challenge. Liverpool John Lennon Airport hosts some of the most diverse flight combinations including the new flight Flybe route to Amsterdam, which is not only a ‘dam’ cool place to visit but is a hue connecting airport, helping Liverpool connect to the rest of the world.

Checking onto our Flybe flight we made our way through the airport were we picked up our Travelex cash cards. Not having any idea what our challenges would be until we arrived in ‘Dam’ picking up the cash cards was an easy, hassle free way of making sure we were prepared for anything. Before we knew it we were on board our small but comfy Flybe plane & as soon as we were up it felt as though we were coming back down that’s how quick the flight is, we were in Amsterdam in 1 hour 20 minutes, yes thats right how quick!

Once we arrived at the lovely Park Hotel which is located in the centre of the city the challenges were revealed & they were a lot more difficult that I had even thought. Stephi (my partner for the challenge) were given the task to visit the top 5 landmarks in Amsterdam using no map, no guides, no phones and only speaking to local people and using signs. The thrill of the challenge that threw a twist into the mix was that we had to get a selfie with a person in each landmark. Our locations were the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the ‘I am Amsterdam’ sign, the Anne Frank House and the Heineken Experience, I might have let out a scream (of panic) when we read the challenge but we were itching to get started.

Within minuted we were on a roll coming out the hotel & heading right we came across our 1st landmark the Rijksmuseum, great we had found it but now the tricky part approaching a stranger to take a selfie. Eventually we came across a lovely Boston couple & you can see all our selfies on Instagram under #LJLADAM24. Coming out of the Rijksmuseum we came across our 2nd landmark ‘I am Amsterdam’ sign which was pretty cool to see & popular with the tourists. 

Moving on & with a bounce in our step from doing so well so early on, our next stop was the Van Gogh Museum & with a large queue outside it was the prime place for a selfie. The pace at which we got through our first three landmarks had us feeling very chuffed with ourselves so we stopped for a bite to eat & refuel on coffee (it was a very long day.) After this we slowed down our pace & tried out some of Amsterdam’s vast modes of transport, starting with the canal boat. This is a lovely way to get around the city & see some of the beautiful homes, I think every other one became my favourite.

That afternoon we seemed to come across so much all within a few steps from one another, our 4th landmark the Anne Frank House which is a must visit in my eyes. The museum tells her story so beautifully & to actually climb the stairs to visit where she hid with her family for so long is something to see. From here we came across a Cheese Museum which was a lot of fun & had me wanting a mic glass of red to go along with my cheese tasting. Popping into the Tulip shop next door I picked up some unique tulip bulbs to bring home with me.

The next day after a great sleep in the Park Hotel we headed off to breakfast on a different mode of transport than I was expecting. After deciding to cycle to breakfast, I had a slight issue with my bike (note to all readers make sure the bike hire shop show you how to work the locks.) Eventually I go to breakfast after a 10 minute bike ride on the back of a fellow bloggers bike, it was hysterical to say the least. After filling ourselves up on a super delicious breakfast at Coffee & Coconuts, we set out to find our 5th & final landmark the Heineken Experience. Having sneakily spotted the Heineken on my joyful bike ride, Stephi & I headed there & had so much fun inside it really wasn’t what I was expecting. There’s a roller coaster that turns you into a beer bottle rattling through the factory & rave rooms, you get design personalised beer bottles & the tasting session. You were given 2 free beers and won extras if you answered questions correctly, it’s just so fun!

You have probably already gathered that I had a whirlwind 24 hours in Amsterdam, getting to experience 5 landmarks, soak up the culture & try out more than I expected. Amsterdam is easy to get around & you have to try all modes from canal boats to bikes, it’s part of the fun. Before I knew it we were back on our Flybe flight to Liverpool John Lennon Airport & already planning on when I can return to the ‘Dam.’

AA x

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