Bag Charms 

By February 16, 2016Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

Accessorising any outfit can always be fun & at the moment there seems to be no better way then adding a few charms from your handbag. If you were like me & constantly scrolling through your Instagram feed during Fashion Week then you will have seen an abundance of charms swinging from the Fashion elite handbags & the more the better seemed to be the motto. 

I’ve never really been one to jump straight onto a trend but this one I do have a soft spot for, some of the bag charms that brands & the High Street are creating are too cool & funny too ignore. So when I took my new Mulberry Mini Lily out for lunch on Sunday then what better time to add a few cool charms. I loved this Marc Jacobs planet charm it reminds me of the 80’s film Space Camp my best friend & I love. Hot Pink ‘Stella,’ the pink had me sold plus I wouldn’t mind my own name like this! A simple classy black fur charm from River Island finished off the right balance to my charm collection! AA x