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I’m not going to lie I love Birthday’s, whether it’s my own or someone else’s. It’s everything from deciding on the gift, I’m a stationer geek so even down to the card, wrapping it up. The day itself I want to know the plans, is it a celebratory Brunch, will we do something different maybe a theme park, the Zoo or getting dressed up & heading out for cocktails & dinner, have I got carried away? Sorry, but you can get the idea now can’t you. So this year when it came to my own birthday I hadn’t really made any plans, your shocked I know. My girlfriends & I had been out the week before for a big night out & that had totally distracted me however I was the lucky girl when my boyfriend surprised me & took me away for the weekend to Bath.

I was so excited to get away for the weekend, he picked the perfect place for me. The city alone is beautiful even just to walk around, its history linking back to the Roman’s, the mix of high street & independent stores that had me wanting to pick up everything & bring them home with me. Part of what I love about going away for the weekend is the drive, finding the right playlist on Spotify, picking up & coffee & enjoying the journey. We arrived early afternoon to a really warm Bath, it was so lovely to walk round in the sunshine that we header to a Pub that had an impressive Beer garden with an open kitchen going that had out stomachs rumbling. After filling ourselves up on some delicious burgers & sweet potato chips we headed around the shops, I loved all of the independent stores in Bath there were so many from stationary to magazines to tea rooms & home furniture, I ended up picking something from each one what can I say I have little will power when shopping. We ended the day with a tour around the Roman Baths & after the bust Saturday rush it was the ideal time to go, accompanied with an ice cream (did I say how warm it was) we went round the historical site that is fascinating & a must visit in Bath.

When it came to deciding where to have dinner we were spoiled, there were so many to pick from that in the end we decided to have seafood & it was definitely a good choice, I had lobster & chips & the dishes went back to the kitchen very clean. Cocktail & wine bars are scattered around the city so you can easily stumble across one as you move around. The next day we work up to grey skies & heavy rain, I love breakfast so there was only one place to go, Wild Cafe. Their pancakes are well known in the city & if your lucky you can manage to get a table then I’d definitely recommend them with all the trimmings. Once the rain had eased off we went for a walk around the city to burn off some of those pancakes. The building are beautiful & Bath Cathedral is definitely something to see (right next to the Roman Baths) so with a coffee to go we made the most of our time in Bath picking up some books in a beautiful book store it was the ideal way to end a Sunday & our time in Bath. We had such a lovely time in the city & there were plenty more bars, restaurants for us to try out that a friend recommended going at Christmas time when the markets are on, so this is definitely on the list to do! AA x

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