Bathtime Favourites

By October 31, 2016Beauty, Featured

I think your either a shower of bath person & for me you can’t beat a long soak in a deep bath so for me its always the winner. Maybe it’s because my bath is one of those big deep tubs that can take ages to fill to the top but you can just sink right in. The past few weeks I have been getting baths more regularly opposed to a shower, there is nothing better than on a Sunday night running the water, lighting a candle & relaxing using some of your favourite products.

Recently I picked up a few new products that I have really seen the benefits of & with the change in season, the colder weather setting in it’s really important to keep on top of your skin care routine. On the way back from my descent trip to Madrid I was looking for a day moisturiser  & picked up one by The Body Shop & have been really impressed with it so headed into my local store to pick up some more products I was looking for.

Lighting a candle is the right way to start any cosy night, I love lighting one of my favourite when planning on a long soak in a bubble bath as I fins it so much more relaxing plus the smell is intoxicating. I particularly love woody scents especially this time of year so Ambre from Diptyque is a favourite of mine.

Exfoliating is something I really try & monitor in the Winter, usually I exfoliate once every 10 days but I have a dry patch of skin on my forehead that can flare up in Winter so by exfoliating carefully along with the right serums & moisturiser it helps keep my skin still looking fresh. I personally like an exfoliator with a bit of grit in it just so it feels like I’m actually rid of any dirt off my face. The Seaweed pore cleansing exfoliator  I have been using the past couple of weeks & for me it’s the perfect balance of a face wash & scrub, it’s got the right amount of grit to really help clear away any dirt on your face.

When it comes to body washes for me it’s all about how it leaves your skin feeling afterwards. I’ve been using two products & they are the working out to be the perfect combination. I first heard of Argan Oil when in Marrakech a few years ago where it is used traditionally in the hammams. So when I came across the Wild Argan Oil shower gel I knew it was a must have product to help my skin feel its best.  It’s the right amount of oil that make it relaxing to use when enjoying a long soak, plus it has a wonderful smell but it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth afterward.

Like with the seaweed exfoliator I really love giving my skin a deep scrub it helps keep it smooth & hydrated. I always tend to go for salt crystals as they have more grit that really help work into your skin. After having great results with the new oil skincare range I had been using I picked up the Brazilian Cupuacu Scrub In Oil that not only has fine salt crystals but the nut oil helps keep my skin feeling refreshed & hydrates. An my favourite is the feeling after you’ve dried off my skin still feels so moisturised & silky smooth.