Beach Essentials

By August 1, 2016Featured, Lifestyle, Travel

Normally when I’m packing for a holiday I don’t usually feel as prepped as I do for my upcoming 4 days in the Sun. I always over pack, not wearing all of the clothes I take with me or when it comes to make-up I over think & start packing products that come back unopened. So my last few trips I have definitely been trying to pack more wisely especially because long weekend trips I only try to take cabin luggage & for a girl who loves clothes & has a blog it can be difficult.

However this weekend I had on my list to do all my holiday prep & it now has a big fat tick next to it & I did better than I thought (I might be slightly chuffed with myself.) There are restrictions in that I am only taking cabin luggage so miniatures are a must but now everything is available so it’s easy to get exactly what you need to make your holiday as smooth running as possible. So after successfully sorting out my beach essentials I wanted to share them with you…


 For this holiday I cannot wait to be lying on the beach with my toes in the soft warm sand, a pile of new books next to me, enjoying the warm rays. So as I do plan on spending a lot of time relaxing on the beach there are some essentials that you always need.

For me a bikini is the hardest thing to shop for it’s so tricky. As I am more on the bigger size with my chest I can always bank on Next to have a great selection, from design, style & fit. I picked up this bikini at the weekend I love the colour & it’s perfect fit.

At the moment in Portugal it’s mid 30’s so pretty HOT! So I have decide to pack a floppy hat to protect me from the sun when I need a break & to also stop my hair from drying out too. I picked up this Zara floppy hat in the Sale & sadly it’s no longer available but don’t worry because Noughts & Kisses have a great selection here of stylish hats that you will want in your case. Floppy hats with sequinned quotes ‘Do Not Disturb’ & ‘Beach Please’ they are beach must! My sunglasses are also from them as they have all the latest styles so something for everyone, you’ll want a new pair for each day.

When it came to sandals I wanted something flat & stylish there is no point me wearing sandals with a block heel when your walking the beach. Plus I wanted a neutral colour so this shade of metallic is perfect & goes with all my outfit so this pair from Next are the ideal pair this Summer.

Beauty & Make-Up…

As I’m only taking cabin luggage most of my beauty products are miniatures it’s just easier & more convenient then struggling to get your standard products through airport security. Using my Airplane Wash Bag from Emma Lomax this is perfect for storing all my toiletries plus its super cute! Its the ideal size & clear so you can see what you have packed.

Everything from shampoo, conditioner, face cream & after sun lotion is packed in here. I have a clear bottle that I pour some of my current creams into if the full bottle can’t come with me I still want to keep up my skin care routine especially as it needs that extra TLC from being in the sun. Then for suncream I always pick it up when I’m over there especially when your only on a long weekend it’s easier to pick up a bottle in the local shop or you can always get one in Duty Free!

As I mentioned earlier so many times I have packed eyeshadow pallets, variety of lipsticks & I have only stuck to basics I don’t like wearing a lot of make-up anyway so I don’t know why I think I’m going to wear more when on holiday.

Now I tend to make sure I pack my Benefit pallets with me as they are the ideal make-up kit for your holiday. All in mini size so just what you need, my current favourite is ‘How To Look The Best At Everything‘ which will be packed in my case. There are plenty for you to choose from for what ever look you want to achieve when on holiday but for me with the sun & your skin having been in the heat all day minimal is the best option.

Get Organised…

Okay so whether your like me & going away for a long weekend away or a 3 week trip further afield I always like to be organised, with boarding passes, passports, money etc things can be a little bit chaotic if you let it! I always like to use one large wallet that I keep everything in so no last minute panic if I have the passports! My pink Boyce wallet from Finery is the perfect size to keep all my essentials in plus what a more cheerful Summer colour to get me in the holiday spirit.

Now I LOVE reading & never need any encouragement to go & get lost in Waterstones for an hour as I make my selection so last week that is exactly what I did. If you need some book ideas then have a look at what I have been reading in the ‘Book Club’ feature there is a right mix to pick from. Walking away with 3 books for my 4 day holiday 1 was Invincible Summer which is next on the Book Club list with my girlfriends, so keep a look out for my review soon!

Happy Holidays! AA x