Berry Picking

By July 4, 2016Featured, Food, Lifestyle

Berry picking, I have been meaning to go & do this for so long but never got round to it. As a child there were fields by my Nan & Grandad’s house so when the season was right, which is round about now for most fruits then we would head over on a Sunday afternoon & have a brilliant time walking the fields on a hunt to find the most ripe & juiciest berries.

I haven’t been in about 15 years but the last few Summer’s I suddenly had this urge to go back & do it. So after a quick research we realised there was actually one really close to us so on a Sunday afternoon we put the wellies in the car & headed over to Kenyon Hall Farm. 

At home I eat a lot of berries from Strawberries, Blueberries & Blackberries there are so many & now in Summer you can put them in various recipes. I love having a mix of berries with a dollop of Greek yoghurt, drizzle of honey & crunch granola for a breakfast or even after dinner treat if you like something sweet like me. Or have you tried freezing them & then enjoying them as a snack on a warm day or maybe quite simply you like to say them plain & simple. However you enjoy eating them you most definitely can walk away with a selection of them, we left with armfuls of Strawberries & unfortunately the raspberries were running low but you can look here to see what’s in season ahead of your trip.

Making my way through the field holding my little basket I felt like a child again on a mission to find the biggest & reddest strawberry for my basket. There are endless rows for yo& make sample some of the goods on your way round if your feeling peckish like me. It was a brilliant afternoon & the berries were absolutely delicious you can’t beat the taste. I will definitely be paying a 2nd visit this Summer & this time I’m determined to make something memorable with my basket of berries. AA x

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