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By September 5, 2016Fashion, Featured, Lifestyle

In January I did something that I have been meaning to do for so long, I finally bought a bike but not just any bike the perfect girly bike that is white & comes with it’s very own whicker basket. Yes I know it sounds like a typical girly dream & yes you are probably right, I have day dreamed of cycling along the cobbled streets of Paris with a fresh baguette & jam in my basket. Or even through Southern America, Austin your on my list & maybe one day but instead I have loved having my bike the past couple of months, after convincing my boyfriend to also get one we’ve made great use of them.

I unfortunately live to far away to cycle each day to work but where I live is the perfect spot to take the bike out & go for a ride. With the Summer nights we have been having we’ve been going out & cycling along the river front, of a weekend if we’ve been feeling adventurous we may go a bit more off the beaten bath & explore a bit, stopping along the way for some lunch in a new place we come across.

Once you have a bike whether it be for cycling to work, to keep fit or to simply enjoy a bike ride over the weekend its so much easier now that Bike & Go is so accessible across Liverpool. Stationed at a large number of train stations across the city you can see here which one is closest to you, then head to their website to see how many bikes are available, pick up your bike at the station & your all set to go.

Depending on what reason I am taking my bike out obviously impacts my outfit choice. On a recent weekend my best friend & I decided on some old fashioned sea side fun, so I took my bike she picked up her Bike & Go & we jumped on the train to Southport were we spent the afternoon having fish & chips & playing games at the fair. I picked out a summer dress that I teamed with a denim jacket & pumps, you may know I’m a girly girl so I still want to be comfortable & feel stylish even If I’m out on my bike.

Last weekend on the bank holiday the weather was perfect & I really wanted to make the most of the sunshine before August was officially over. We decided to have a day that was completely unplanned & see where it may take us all we knew was we were taking the bikes with us. We ended up spending the afternoon in the park after picking up some delicious treats along the way that we stored in my basket, it was the perfect way to get out & about  to explore Liverpool. AA x

Jacket: Oasis, Trousers: Zara, Shoes: Zara, Handbag: Mulberry (Alexa is no longer available, Bayswater is similar)

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