Books I Read This Winter

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Although the festive holidays are over one part that I love every year is those lazy days, when there are old school films playing on the TV in the background, wrapped up & cosy on the couch that I have probably been glued to all day, cup of tea & shortbreads accompanying me as I get lost in a new read. For me as I was unwell leading up  to New Year I managed to do pretty much all of this whilst I was recovering & it helped me get through a stack of books I’d accumulated & it was bliss, apart from the illness part of course.

So here they are all the books that I read, a mix of everything for you to pick from. Perfect if you’re planning on having a peaceful January & making time to recharge the batteries & everything that I have read or my current read I always add to my Amazon Shop.

Thirteen I picked this up at the desk in Waterstones & was so glad I did. Following conman turned lawyer Eddie Flynn in this unbelievable page turner that has more twists then you would believe. It’s the story of the trial of Robert Solomon, one half of a Hollywood power couple, for the murder of his wife. The real killer, however, is not in the dock but on the jury, you think you know which one but trust me I didn’t see any of what was coming I could not put this book down. You can’t not but love Eddie who knows every con there is & doesn’t miss any details but even this case has got him all tied up but he believes Robert Solomon but is that enough, trust me you have to get this book.

The Queen’s Rising- Adventure, mystery, romance & danger in a kingdom on the brink of a rebellion, this book certainly has it all. There is an academy in which girls seek their passion & train with a master. 17 year-old Brienna is half-Maevan & half-Valerian, her grandfather placed her in the academy for her protection; for if her father discovered her, she & the entire empire could be in ruins. But when Brienna discovers an ancient power & a secret to her lineage, she becomes part of the plot to overthrow the king of Maevena. The pace of this book & the tone in that it’s written is what had me hooked, it’s like poetry & you can’t help but be swept up in the magic, romance & adventure of it all.

The Alice Network Now this was a winner for me, a story that touched me & stuck with me after I finished it. I had seen the title pop up on other blogs or in the comments section on Instagram posts coming highly recommended so with so much love for the book I had to give it a read & I am so glad I did. It’s ones of those books that you invest in with nearly 600 pages. Following Eve a female spy recruited to the real-life Alice Network in France during World War I & Charlie an unconventional American socialite searching for her cousin in 1947. Written across 2 Wars totally worked even though this isn’t something I’m usually a fan of I was gripped by both stories mainly because of the characters & the angle of the story is fantastic. The details of what went on during the War are eyeopening & heartbreaking as we discover what they both really lost. You want to hug them, shake them & your emotions are invested in their stories.

The Kiss Quotient-  Heartwarming & just a really lovely read, sometimes I find you need them. Yes they may be easy to get through but we all need a bit of romance & pull on the heart strings now & then. Stella Lane, whose world is based around maths, she comes up with algorithms a job that has given her more money than she knows what to do with & is way less experienced in the dating department than the average thirty-year-old & also Stella has Asperger’s. Deciding to get over her fear of dating she hires a professional in handsome Vietnamese/Sweedish escort, Michael Phan who has a stack of bills to pay & can’t afford to turn down Stella’s offer. So with a plan that consists of french kissing to the missionary position, with spending so much time together they soon realise this is more than just logic.

One Day In December-  This was popping up on my social media in the lead up to Christmas & I do love a festive book over the holidays but don’t worry it’s not really that Christmassy at all so you can read it any time of year. In a nut shell, Laurie sees Jack through a steamed up bus window on a December day in London, an she knows he’s the one for her. Convinced she’ll never see him again until her best friend Sarah bring him to their Christmas party as her date, what do you do? Follow this magical trio for 10 years as they experience love, heartbreak & really test their friendship. It a real what would you do in this situation, the friendship between Laurie & Sarah it heart warming & brilliant to see unfold on the pages.

The Rooster Bar – My Dad has always read John Grisham books & they are books that always had my interest but I’ve never read one until Simon actually picked this one up & it sounded too goo to resist. I had real high hopes for this as we read about 3 friends who are coming towards their last semester of law school, one that sucked them in with claims of high paying jobs & a flying high career. With shark loans chasing them, Mark, Zola & Todd realise it’s not worth graduating & with the law they know they begin to play the system. They soon realise that crooked hedge fund billionaire who owns their school is also involved with the bank who they owe money to. With this storyline alone it had the potential to be brilliant but it took too long to get going. A dramatic start that will have you hooked it plateaued in the middle & I really lost interest, it picked up towards the end & became the page turner that I’d hoped.