Breakfast Sandwich

By April 12, 2017Featured, Food, Lifestyle

Okay so I’m going to be honest I’m not much of a cook but only because I have been spoilt having good cooks in the family but I am gradually picking it up & by the time I move into my new home I’m sure I’ll be cooking up a right storm, well sort of but for now I’m happy sticking to some recipes that are always a hit just because they just taste so damn good even if I say so myself!

Breakfast for me is the best way to start the weekend, during the week I try & keep it simple with a protein shake, some fresh berries but when it comes to the weekend well it’s a whole different story. As much as I love nothing more than going for a drive with my boyfriend & finding somewhere new or going to one of our favourites were we know the coffee is good & there will be no crumbs left on the plate sometimes there’s nothing better than a good home cooked breakfast.

There’s nothing better than on a Sunday morning, staying in your comfiest pj’s, making a hot cup of tea & getting ready to cook all of the essentials in one great Breakfast Sandwich! It’s so simple but divine with all of the flavours & textures, perfect to try out over this long weekend. So add the below items to this week’s shopping list & get ready to cook up a treat this Easter weekend…

1x avocado

Pinch of rock salt & ground pepper

Touch of lemon juice

4-6 x rashers of streaky bacon

4 x slices of really good bread

2 x free-range eggs


First thing, get the frying pan on medium heat & throw in your rashers of bacon, whilst there sizzling away you need to make the perfect circle out of your bread. A quick trick, use a champagne flute & twist it comes out the perfect & it’s an excuse to treat yourself to a glass of bucks fizz. Once you have cooked the bacon (I like mine extra crispy) pop the bread into the pan, now here’s the tricky bit, you need to crack the egg into the circle, now don’t worry if it overflows it still tastes just as delicious trust me!

With the egg & bread frying, you need to start mashing up your avocado, with a sprinkle of salt n pepper & a touch of lemon juice for the perfect flavour. Now with the cooking all done it’s time to start building the layers…

First, a layer of mashed avocado, with a drizzling of ketchup on top, add on a few rasher of crispy bacon & then the masterpiece itself your toast with the egg cooked in the middle. Whilst it looks pretty damn good, you need to cut into it & dig in, using the leftover circle of toast to dip into the egg, it’s everything you need from a breakfast all in one! Enjoy… AA x