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By May 2, 2016Featured, Food, Lifestyle

Brunch, a combination of breakfast & lunch which can be eaten until late morning & is one of my favourite things to do of a weekend. It is only really the past 18 months or so that me & my girlfriends have made brunch a regular thing. It’s the perfect time of the day, you can still enjoy a weekend lie in then head out for something yummy to eat with a fresh pot of tea or coffee while enjoying a relaxing morning.

We do tend to be creatures of habit but sometimes we do like to mix things up & try somewhere new so last weekend me & the bf headed out on a chilly Sunday morning for a spot of brunch at Revolution in the Albert Docs, Liverpool.

Heading in we settled into our cosy booth which was a great spot looking out over the Albert Dock, where you can see all of the boats docked & also where you can find the Tate. For a Sunday morning the weather wasn’t too great but with the wall of windows & cosy booth it was the right balance to relax & unwind in the morning.With a fresh pot of tea & fresh orange juice for me & a roasting coffee for him, we were sorted so now tried to decide what to eat.

Revolution may be part of a big chain but what’s so great about there Brunch menu, the staff themselves designed what to put on it. Who else knows their customers better & they get to decided what to dish up. When trying to decide what to go for the menu was hard to pick from but for me Eggs Benedict is my favourite but I love the various ways this can be dished up. So I went for Eggs Benedict with avocado & fresh tomato whilst the bf had his Eggs Benedict served with halloumi & grilled mushrooms. But we couldn’t leave behind the pancakes, with the maple syrup it’s just too good so we decided to split it, well it was kind of split.

I’m not ever one to hold back once food is put in front of me so we dug in, bursting the egg that was cooked just right. Eggs & bread are the perfect combo but the tomato & avocado was fresh & light that it was so tasty & not a single mouthful was left. The bf’s well I was jealous of his with the halloumi that I might have pinched a few pieces because it just tasted so goooodd!!

Now usually that would have completely filled me up along with a few mugs full of tea but what can I say yes we were being greedy, pancakes to me are the dessert of breakfast. With fresh berries & strawberries an maple syrup of course we dived right in. Now I think pancakes can be tricky to cook are they American or crepes but these were light & fluffy just simply delicious that the plate was soon left clean! We enjoyed our drinks & enjoyed being in the Albert Dock as we people watched before we headed over to the Tate. Heading over on full stomachs we left very happy & with a new favourite brunch spot to our list, one that I no doubt will be back to enjoy with my girls. AA x

This post was sponsored by Revolution. 

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