Brunch In Notting Hill

By July 3, 2018Fashion, Featured, Lifestyle

The past 10 days have been so busy with work, in the space of a week I have been to Africa & currently I’m on another trip to Johannesburg, South Africa. With training days at work thrown in the mix, I’ve now been trained on a new aircraft the Boeing 787 which will take me to new destinations such as Santiago & San Jose at the end of July. So with the whirlwind of work I managed to have one day off & as I commute from Liverpool I decided to stay in London for my day off & make the most of being in the city.

Especially with the amazing weather were having, can you believe this non-stop sunshine! I decided to head out to a part of London I had not ventured to in a long time, Notting Hill. With my work rosters being tricky it’s sometimes difficult to meet up with work friends but lucky for me on this day my really good friend was also off so we headed to Notting Hill for brunch.

Notting Hill is such a vibrant colourful part of London I love the mix that it has to offer. From the the colourful shades of pink, yellow & blue townhouses to the uniformed white, antiques shops, organic farm shop cafes to a mix array of knick-nack shops. We decided to head to the extremely instagramable Farm Girl Cafe, which is known for it’s acai bowls, matcha lattes. Ordering our brunch consisting of delicious poached eggs, chopped tomatoes on sourdough toast, it was so tasty & whilst my blue matcha was definitely eye catching I was definitely missing the much needed caffeine hit.

But there is definitely something to be said for London in the Summer it all looks so pretty, so after sitting outside in the courtyard of Farm Girl & indulging in our brunch we headed out for a wonder & to explore Notting Hill. Walking around & day dreaming of which house we both would have & trying to find the front door from the iconic Notting Hill film. It was the perfect way to enjoy London at it’s best in the sunshine. AA x