Rainbow Two Piece

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Sometimes when you pulling an outfit together there are pieces that you have & love, you know they work on you in a way they are your safety net.
But then there are pieces that are more daring, more bold & colourful an this 2 piece is exactly that for me. It’s all colour but that is what I love, you have to have fun with your clothes. AA x

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Phone Box Red

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Sometimes one piece can make an outfit & that I why I love this skirt.
I was actually shopping for a dress but when I seen this skirt with it’s splash of red & mini floral pattern I knew it was ideal for what I had in mind & teamed with some classic pieces I was good to go! AA x

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Ivy Garden

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How lovely has it been the past couple of days having the sunshine, it actually feels like it’s Summer!
With the sunshine out my wardrobe decisions were quick & fun to make, this floral mini dress was perfect for my weekend plans & a simple dress to keep bringing out over the Summer months. AA x

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Brunch Club

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They say breakfast is not of the most important meals of the day but for me it is also one of my favourites. Mid week I keep it pretty simple with peppermint tea, porridge & blueberries but come the weekend I do love to indulge in a spot of Brunch.
Now whether it’s with my gang of girlfriends or with my bf getting up in the morning & heading out for something delicious to eat is my ideal way to start the weekend. So on Sunday we headed to a new place to try out their Brunch menu! AA x

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Khaki Shopper

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Handbags tend to be more than just a handbag I feel like I carry half of my life in my bag with everything from make-up, diary, phone the list goes on. I am fussy when looking for a bag but my new khaki shopper bag is practical & stylish for everyday. AA x

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Peach Floral

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Don’t you love it when you see something online & when you go to buy it & try it on it’s exactly what you thought & maybe even better!
That’s exactly what happened when I came across this perfect Spring dress, the colour, fit it all came together & I loved it, a perfect addition to my Spring/Summer wardrobe. AA x

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Sunday Street Market

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Sunday mornings can be a tricky one, sometimes I like to have a lie-in as it’s the only day I do & other week’s I like to get up & do something so I feel like I’ve made the most of my Sunday. The weather was predicted for sunshine so we decided to head out for some coffee & breakfast when stumbled across a street market, it was an unexpected but great way to spend a Sunday morning. AA x

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Merci, Paris

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When travelling I like having a mix of discovering new places myself, maybe a hidden coffee shop. To tracking down places that have come highly recommended or that I have read about on other Blogs, I love reading City Guides on other blogs & this is how I cam across the Parisian gem that was Merci.

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