Christmas Scent

By December 12, 2016Beauty, Featured

When it comes to Christmas part of what I love about the festive holiday is picking out the perfect presents for friends & family. Even the smallest gift can feel like the biggest if the thought & attention is there & that’s why I love taking my time to make a mental note of what my family would love to receive under the tree. Layering up, hitting the shops with classic Christmas songs being played on repeat you can’t help but get caught up on the holiday spirit when out picking those perfect gifts.

 I know it’s not that easy to pick out the perfect gift there are always those family members that are that bit trickier, for me it’s my mum & boyfriend but they both love a new fragrance. I have always found picking out a perfume as a gift quite tricky as someones scent is very personal, in Summer citrus fruits & sea salt remind me of my mum’s scent & in Winter woody musky is my boyfriend.

I love how certain smells remind me of specific memories so when I was out shopping in John Lewis & came across  a range of fragrances named Jazz Club, Flower MarketBeachwalk & many more I was instantly drawn to them. The Replica range from Maison Margiela has beautiful simple packaging with apothecary bottles that I love & it’s easy to see that these fragrances were developed to evoke emotions of past experiences, laced with nostalgia.

With my mum & boyfriend in mind & trying to replicate their scents I had fun trying out the range to find the right fit.  Each bottle makes note of the scent memory on the label so it’s easy to try & discover what your looking for. Keeping with the minimal style you can see if the fragrance is intended for ladies or gents,  the description of the fragrance, the Provenance & period of time.

My favourite is Beach Walk as I love Summer.  Feeling the sun’s warm rays on your skin & the smell of sea salt in the air. I use a moisturiser that just screams Summer & ‘Beach Walk’ is that scent in a bottle. A perfume that’s described as ‘Sunkissed Salty Skin’ in its fragrance notes pretty much says it all. This scent resonated with me immediately not just for myself but for my mum with it’s subtle touch of coconut & pink pepper it’s delicate & feminine. Summer for my family is Portugal, late nights on the beach & after all of the travelling I had done in 2017 & the blissful family Summer I knew this was perfect for my mum.

When it came to my boyfriend ‘Jazz Club’ was the winner it is simply him in a pretty delicate apothecary bottle & I’m quite tempted to have my own bottle to indulge in every now & then. In Winter he likes wearing a more masculine & woody scent so with the fragrance description of ‘heady cocktails & cigars’ it certainly lives up to it’s title, Jazz Club. The fragrance with it’s oriental finish compiled of vanilla, orange notes with tobacco leaves it’s the ultimate masculine scent, that I know he will simply love. AA x

Maison Margiela is now available in John Lewis.