Clarins Eye Cream For Every Issue

By March 15, 2017Beauty, Lifestyle

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy, with my best friend getting engaged, numerous birthday celebrations, multiple blog projects & planning one of my girlfriend’s hen parties for this Summer, on top of a full-time job & fitting in my morning workouts eventually something has to give & noticeable signs start to happen, specifically you start to look tired & start dreaming of a weekend away at a Spa, well I know definitely do. As soon as I start feeling run down I get a sore throat & then it shows in my eyes, it’s crazy what a difference a few busy weeks can have on your face.

Your face is the first place that any signs of tiredness & stress, around our eyes is a main area whether it’s dark circles, fine lines of dehydration or puffiness (as that skin is 3-5 times thinner than the rest of the face). I’ve always looked after my skin & am quite proud of this fact, I always take my make-up off & most nights this is as soon as I get home from work, I exfoliate weekly, moisturise every morning & evening so it’s safe to say I had most of the boxes ticked with my skincare routine.

One area & product that I only started using about 18 months/ 2 years ago, was an eye cream, if I’m being honest it’s just a product that I never considered so therefore never picked it up or added to my routine. My mum religiously uses one so I automatically assumed oh I’m still too young to start using one just yet, when the lines etc start showing then I’ll start using it but oh no ladies by then it can be too late. So this is a product I have been implementing into my routine & when used religiously then you start to notice the difference. One product that I am loving for multiple reasons is Clarins Multi-Active Eye, it’s the ideal cream to use for all of those reasons you want to avoid.

Not only does it have all the ingredients that you need, caffeine (decreases puffiness) teasel extract (fatigue fighting using cutting edge technology) amongst many more. But the real big game changer for me is the applicator which is particularly effective for puffiness. The smooth massage tool tip is made of Cryo-metal, basically meaning it feels super cold to the touch, which feels refreshing & definitely helps in the mornings if your face wakes up a lot later than you do! Think of the old cold teaspoons on the eyes trick – hydration & coolness helps to calm & depuff. To apply, you simply squeeze a little product out of the end of the tube,  & then use the metal disc to massage the product in & voila – instant refreshment and smoothness.

Texture-wise, it’s a light, easily absorbed cream-gel & is “infused with illuminating pigments, smoothes & optically blurs the look of fine lines to give an immediate smoothing effect” – so basically brighter, more awake eyes but with no heavy residue which will make concealer slip. It definitely has an instant tightening effect upon use, so great for fine lines too & the applicator I believe really makes a difference, you can not only feel it on your skin but my eyes looked brighter which was noticeable & definitely gave me the results I wanted. AA x