Day & Night With Kurt Geiger

By March 27, 2017Fashion, Featured

Day Time 

There are some items of clothing that you tend to have a weakness for, maybe you buy more shoes or you never have enough pairs of skinny jeans. Floral maxi dresses are my safe zone, you can never go wrong but ever since I was a little girl my Achilles heel has been handbags. I remember every Christmas I would get a fancy bag off my parents that I loved, I would use it religiously & I suppose really that philosophy of investing in good handbags, getting multi usage out of them & styling it wisely has never left me.

Ask my mum or best friend & they will tell you I will always pay extra attention when selecting a new handbag. I may not get one every season because if you have been selecting wisely then you shouldn’t need to but don’t get me wrong who doesn’t love a new bag. I certainly don’t that’s why I was super excited to team up with Kurt Geiger to share my favourite bag from the Spring collection.

I always tend to go towards a bigger style of bag, I like to know I have everything on me if I don’t then I usually end up needing whatever it is I’ve decided to leave out, isn’t that always the way. So that’s why I opted for the Violet Horizontal Tote, the size is perfect for my day to day needs & allows me to pack everything that I need in it whilst still allowing me to be on trend. Day to day, I have a full-time job as well as my blog so I always carry my organiser, purse, make-up bag & a bottle of water & this is the perfect bag to carry it all in.

Heading out over the weekend, with the sun shining we decided to take advantage of it & enjoy a breakfast at one of our favourite cafes. An oh what a difference the sunshine makes, I decided to be adventurous & wear a Summer dress & picking up my blue tote I was good to go. I love that I decided to go for the blue option, it’s the perfect splash of colour for Spring & a great way to bring colour to your wardrobe. Even teaming it with a colourful outfit they work so well together!

Night Time

Having a bag that is versatile is pretty much high on my list of what I need from a bag & getting that balance of a bag that is practical for the daytime as well as in the evening too. I love when a Friday night comes around, the nights are now lighter & you are heading out after work, whether it’s for dinner with girlfriends, or even to the local beer garden. Knowing you can head on out without changing your outfit makes everything that bit easier & also gives you less to worry about.

The main reason I love this bag is that without actually realising I can use it for everything & it just works. I love how even though it’s blue I can incorporate it into any of my outfits especially this co-ord which I am loving & yes that is tigers on it, I just instantly loved it & decided to wear it on a recent night out with the girls for my best friends birthday. Heading out for some pre-dinner cocktails the bag worked so well against the blue & let me carry everything with me from my make-up bag, hairbrush & camera to remember the night. Investing in the one bag for Spring & one that is versatile helps you get the most out of your bag &  still stay on trend.

Day Outfit- Dress: Gap, Shoes: ASOS (similar here) Sunglasses: Noughts & Kisses, Handbag c/o: Kurt Geiger.

Evening Outfit- Shirt: Topshop, Shorts: Topshop, Shoes: Topshop, Handbag c/o: Kurt Geiger.

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