Exploring The Souks

By September 22, 2016Fashion, Featured, Travel

Travelling is something that I love to do & I always try to visit a mix of places so when deciding where to visit for a September break, Marrakech was top of the list. One of the reasons we picked it was because in September the weather is still very hot & this is what we wanted. This year already I have been lucky enough to go on a mix of trips which have all been fantastic but I definitely wouldn’t consider them relaxing, so I had a stack of books & planned on relaxing in the sun & basically switching off.

For the first 3 days that is exactly what we did & it was perfect but when staying in Marrakech there are so many places to see & explore you have to get out & about. There are plenty of ways to do this depending on what you want to see & for us one of the first stops were the Souks.

Arriving in a large square you are instantly hit with the noise of the city, the call to prayer, the hiss of the snakes that are roaming around as their snake charmer tries to tempt you to hold one. The crackling of the oven as they roast nuts ready for you to eat, it is like being thrown into a whirlwind & you don’t know where to look or which direction to head into, an if your not careful you may have a monkey around your neck.

The souks have become a tourist destination over the years but to be honest I don’t mind that everyone really is out to see or experience the same things, whether it’s just to see the sights or actually take home some treasures that they’ve come across.

Heading into the unknown is the best way to describe it really, it is a maze of alley ways, that are crammed full of stands with local Moroccans selling their goods. There is a main street which seemed to go on for a good while, walking down it your head can’t help but go from left to right as you take in the different sights.

On the left you may have a stall selling every colour of leather slippers, some with tassels & pom pom on them, to you may have piles upon piles of vibrant rugs, the smell of the leather hits you as you see stalls with various leather holdalls all shades of leather with patterns on them. It truly is like walking through an Aladdin’s cave, you don’t know what you going to see or come across.

There are little side alley ways everywhere you look, leading you to basically anywhere, you may walk down one & find a whole area that is solely for people who sell spices & you can smell a mixture of scents. We stumbles across a few alley ways some not so good & we quickly turned back around but then there are charming ones where we found colourful rugs hanging from the wall, you really don’t know what you are going to come across when exploring the souks but it’s all part of it & somewhere you have to visit in Marakkech.


Dress: Boohoo, Shoes: Boohoo (similar here & here), Balloons: All my own!