From Summer To Autumn

By September 19, 2018Fashion, Featured

Back from the heat of Marrakesh at the weekend, I arrived home & it was pretty clear that the British Summer was over. I always think Summer goes far too quick & especially with our holiday I was solely focused on it I can’t believe it’s now passed. Before we know it candles are being lit at night, Summer dresses are being replaced for layers as I pull out my favourite jumpers as we start getting ready for Autumn. An honestly this is one of my favourite seasons, I love the dark nights & getting cosy whether it’s at home or wrapping up in layers to find the ideal outfit.

So yes Summer is over but were now in this really awkward stage where it’s not warm enough for the cami’s & floaty dresses but the tights & jumper dresses aren’t quite ready to be dusted off & brought out of hiding, so we are experiencing the transition between seasons & the BIG question is what on earth do we wear? Well, from experience, hold back, don’t go crazy in the shops just yet, you need to be mindful of what your buying & ask yourself can you still wear it in a few weeks when were are in the depths of Winter, maybe a touch dramatic but you get the gist.

I always try & buy key pieces that I can team together with various items from my wardrobe to create multiple outfits & this is definitely what I had in mind when I hit Aintree Shopping Park to pick out some new additions to my wardrobe, with their rage of shops to select from to cover all your needs from fashion to beauty I headed into Marks & Spencer to see what they had in store for the new season.

I do love wearing a splash of colour & Autumn brings the perfect pallet, one colour I love is burgundy so when I popped into the Marks & Spencer store I literally fell head over heels for these perfect loafers that I already know are going to be my go to all Autumn-Winter. With the velvet bow detail, it’s little touches like that, that really make a difference to an outfit.

They are perfect to team with cropped trousers but whilst I was trying to make the most of the last bit of warmth wearing it with a chord A-line skirt. On track for this season with chord giving you that 70’s vibe which are around the High St at the moment.

When shopping I sometimes find buying in the one store helps you pull together an outfit more easily as it has all been designed as one collection, with trends, colour pallets etc crossing over. Which is perfect for me as I paired this amazingly cosy jumper with the skirt & loafers, all of it I loved as it pulled together.

 From Marks & Spencer I couldn’t resist this as not only does the colours of the jumper tick all of the boxes, it’s perfect to wear for now & into the colder months, plus all of the little details on it, it’s box shape so perfect to wear with cigarette trousers or jeans for a casual look. The high neck I love as it makes it less of a casual jumper & a touch more stylish.

Pulled together I wore this outfit over the weekend, with the sun was itching to burst through the clouds I was definitely making the most of it whilst it was still warm enough to sit outside & have coffee. Honestly I mainly love all the colour in this outfit, even though were heading into Autumn- Winter doesn’t mean we need to start wearing dark colours all the time so this burst of colour if perfect for right now! AA x

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