Gotham Yellow

By April 24, 2017Fashion, Featured

In four weeks I am off to Barcelona on the first hen party of this year, there are to be four in total & I cannot wait. With us on countdown to Barcelona, not only has it had me thinking about what I will need to pack (perfect excuse for some Summer shopping,) it got me thinking about getting ready for the weddings in general.

Now not being one to boast but I am ecstatic that I will be bridesmaid for both & with both dresses sorted, tried on & purchased there is no need for me to have to worry about what I will be wearing to the big day but it is a question & something a lot of people can struggle with then thinking about their outfits.

When shopping for a wedding outfit or even for an occasion that you have to make that bit extra effort, you want to feel comfortable & look great but still have an outfit that you can wear for other occasions, such as the races or dressing up for a special dinner, whatever the reason or excuse (if you just really want an fab new outfit!)

This dress caught my eye simply because of the colour, how can you miss it, it definitely pops!

I had found something quite similar in H&M but the colour was so pale it completely washed me out so this shade of yellow had me written all over it & it was the small details too. The asymmetrical hem of the dress, I love how it falls & the small collar, anything with a collar I always take a liking too it’s just a classic small detail but it changes the look of the dress.

Dress: Marks & Spencer, Shoes: Boohoo.

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