Hair Care: Volumising Essentials

By May 23, 2016Beauty

Hair care, it’s not something I used to think about too much if i’m being honest. I have been lucky enough to have good hair from my mum, it’s thick & there is a lot of it. Growing up with a mum who had her own hairdressers always did my hair (an yes she sometimes does still blow dry it too.) But as I got older & wanted my hair a certain way wether it was wavy, big & bouncy I started to realise like anything you need the right tools to help you. So now for the past 2 years I have been using Bumble & Bumble,  I first started using their ‘Dry Spun Finish’ which I have to say is one of my favourite products, it is the best hair spray that I apply before a night out & helps everything stay in place.

After my successful introduction I started to introduce more of their products into my hair care routine & now I have been using their new Full Potential range which consists of shampoo, conditioner & hair preserving booster spray. Getting volume in my hair is probably the thing that I struggle with the most as it can go flat so easily & is usually the best a day or two after it’s been washed which isn’t always ideal or when I get a professional blow dry that helps but isn’t practical every week. So when I started using the range I was sceptical is it really going to make that much of a difference especially when I have to blow dry it myself.

I started using the shampoo & conditioner an the first thing I noticed my hair was definitely clean but it wasn’t as soft as it usually felt, with my hair still wet I tipped my hair forward & applied the booster spray to the roots only but don’t go mad spraying it everywhere a few sprays does the job. Brushing it through my hair I couldn’t help but scrunch my hair at the root to assist it in any way, now the real difference was then I was blow drying it. It wasn’t as smooth to dry it definitely felt a little bit tougher at the roots but it was lifting & by the time my blow dry was complete my hair was full & bouncy, a difference to when I have previously attempted a bouncy blow dry myself. A bonus is that I have also been using the booster spray on days when I have woken up & felt my hair needs that extra boost in the morning, it’s becoming my go to.  Another perk is that it claims to be ‘hair preserving’, meaning it keeps hair on your head for longer & reduces breakage- which with the amount of heat I tend to use, is an incredible add on. It’s definitely worth trying out the ‘Full Potential‘ range if like me you love having full bouncy locks.

AA x