How To Create A Fitness Routine

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Going the gym is part of my weekly routine & it has been for the past couple of years. There are so many reasons why people go or join the gym from wanting to lose weight, train for a sporting event, relax & destress, socialise or to simply feel better about themselves. I go for a number of those reasons but for me I simply feel better about myself when I have trained hard in a class & when I see the benefits of my training then again I feel more comfortable & happy with myself.

Don’t get me wrong it has taken me some time to get my routine right for me, it’s not easy & it’s a lot of trial & error finding out what works best for you because when you do get it right it’s simpler & your more likely to stick at it. So for whatever reason you’re going or joining this New Year here are some tips I picked up along the way & will hopefully help you stick with your fitness routine & reach your goal.

My Tips To Help Keep Your Fitness Routine…

Pace Yourself: Going to the classes is one of the best ways to train, there are usually a variety of different workouts from weights, circuit, spinning to yoga. It can be quite overwhelming, to begin with, you’ve committed to the gym but that doesn’t mean you have to do 5 classes a week. Do what works for you, the first couple of weeks is may just be 1 spinning class but then you can build it up introducing classes at times that suit you & before you know it you have a schedule & mix of classes that is benefiting you.

Don’t Be Intimidated: I’ve been a member of my gym for 15 years I joined with my family so I’m familiar with most of the regulars in the class, as I said it has it’s social benefits to joining. Walking into a class for the first time can be intimidating I know even in my class the regulars are on the front row but I suggest for the first few classes head to the back & get behind a regular. They know the routines as well as the instructor so it’s much easier to follow them & you can do it at your own pace until you’re comfortable with the speed.

Listen To The Professionals: In most gym’s you can book in with one of the trainers for an induction & I highly recommend this, it doesn’t matter if you’re new to the gym or been going for years. The staff know the equipment the best & can recommend what you should use to help you get the results you want. I don’t always do the classes twice a week I go up & do some weights by myself based on a programme one of the gym trainers put together for me & every 3 months we renew it so I’m changing my routine.

Buddy Up: My mum & one of her closest friends go the gym together 5 days a week they always have done, if one isn’t feeling in the mood the other one picks them up. Unfortunately for me none of my girlfriends goes to my gym but I have girls I catch up with at the gym the familiar faces you get chatting to & before you know if you have struck up a gym friendship. You bounce off one another for motivation, book each other into a class & even grab a coffee afterwards. It the little things that keep you on track & give you the support to keep going.

Be Patient: It’s not a sprint it’s a marathon you can’t go for a few weeks & expect for those toned arms or 6 pack to suddenly appear. It takes hard work & dedication to achieve your results but stick with it & they will appear, small changes to begin with but that’s what keeps you going. The best way to see results is to take photographs, front back & side on then in 3 months take new images & see the difference, you’ll be surprised.

Set An Aim & Reward Yourself: If you’re going out on a Saturday night you feel better about yourself if you’re wearing something new, so do the same with the gym, set yourself an aim & reward yourself. It maybe to do a 5k run at the end of the month or in 3 months to fit into a smaller dress size, once you’ve reached your target reward yourself. I need some new trainers so my aim is to stick to my plan in January, follow my routine & reach my goal for that month, if I do then I’ll have some squeaky clean trainers on my feet in February.

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