Improving My Skin

By August 10, 2016Beauty, Featured

Skincare, without us sometimes even realising it our skincare routine no matter how big or small is a vital part to our daily beauty routine & no matter what age I have learnt that it’s key to look after, it always needs some TLC.

I would consider myself lucky with my skin, I have never had breakouts as a teenager & only ever had a couple of spots, nothing that cannot be easily controlled & managed with the right care.

From a young age I remember my mum having me using face washes, exfoliators (for any blackheads) & always moisturising, it is something that has always stuck with me & now as I have got older I understand the importance of looking after my skin. You only have 1 skin, it faces all sorts of conditions every single day & it can take the longest to repair so don’t expect any quick fixes, no matter what age take the time to look after it.

I’ve been on a bit of a skincare kick lately, even more than normal. With traveling, a busy day job, exercising several times a week my health can get a little out of sync so I have really been working to improve it.

 I´ve always been really regimental with cleansing, moisturising & the occasional facial, which has definitely helped, however I was also a bit of a sun goddess when I was younger. I easily catch the sun & thought it was great that my skin went so dark but now it has left my skin sun damaged & with pigmentation on my forehead. This is now one of the key areas that I always try to improve on & over the past couple of years I wear a high SPF when I’m on holiday & also making sure it’s in my daily tinted moisturiser.

As I briefly mentioned I am partial to a facial to work on my skincare & always visit The Aesthetics Hub for my treatments. After my last treatment where I always ask plenty of questions to Abbey the Independent Nurse Prescriber, as I want to know every possibility of improving my skin & we got talking about a new skincare supplement that wasn’t in the form of a cream, pill or laser, nope it’s a tropical drink, Skinade. 

As we chatted I soon learnt that as we age, we lose collagen at the rate of 1.5% a year from our early 20’s & considering that it’s my Birthday next week I can say that I am passed my early 20’s. This loss of collagen results in wrinkles, fine lines, dry, blemished or thinning skin, in a nutshell collagen is the key to to giving your skin its plumpness to keep you looking fresh & youthful.

Improving my skin was something that I had been working on but I was aware that my forehead was still very dry from the sun damage & no serum or moisturiser was improving it, it would go red after I had trained or been in the sun. After reading more on Skinade in the press which you can read here I was pretty convinced that this was the extra boost that I needed.

Essentially it is a drink for your skin.

 It works from the inside out to rebuild & strengthen the collagen below the skin’s surface, boosting natural levels of hydration & helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. Developed by UK scientists & manufactured in the UK, it contains a high-grade of collagen, minerals & marine vitamins.

I’ve been sipping on these skin supplement drinks for exactly 60 days & it has quickly become a part of my daily routine, having 1 bottle every morning. Keeping the bottles in the fridge it is a tropical cool drink to have in the morning & a bonus is they also come in sachets so when I was away you simply take them with you add water & there you go.


I started on Skinade for 30 days & to begin with I noticed slight differences mainly that it didn’t look so dry after a review at The Aesthetics Hub & discussing my skin I carried on for another 30 days as I was seeing some change & I knew that my skin needed time, I did say there is no quick fix!

I’m so glad that I decided to stick on them for another 30 days as this is when I really noticed the difference it was as though my body was finally absorbing all the goodness & plumping it back into my skin. A big improvement for me was my forehead there is no dryness, even after training which is pretty intense I have no red patch & when in Portugal last week it didn’t appear I was so happy with this. After years of trying all sorts of serums, trying something new that was helping my body from within & giving it what it needed finally did the trick.

I also noticed that no blemishes have been appearing so my skin looks more healthy & fresh. Around my eyes I looked more awake in general, the tiredness around them seemed to go. I now felt a lot more confident wearing no make-up as you can see by the images (no filters) & am so happy to be continuing with Skinade after seeing the improvements that it can make! AA x

If you are interested in trying Skinade & seeing how it can improve your skin, visit The Aesthetics Hub.