Laid Bare

By May 16, 2016Fashion

Lingerie, it’s such a personal thing isn’t it, from going for a fitting where some lovely lady I’m sure is pulling straps up & tightening them, plus only you knows how that bra may feel on. Now let’s be honest with each other…who else has the maybe 3-4 bra’s that they constantly rotate, a bra that you maybe have had for the past two years & you do really know you need to update your lingerie draw but oh it’s the going for a fitting for endless types when you already have a favourite at home.

I recently read that 7 out of 10 women have “bad bra relationship.”  Now I wouldn’t say that’s me I have a larger chest which I would love to shrink but finding the right bra over the years has been a nightmare at times. I personally can’t understand why some bra’s for larger chested women have extra padding, I already have enough I definitely don’t need more. I can’t walk into any shop & pick up lingerie unlike my friends, plus it can leave you with an empty purse.

Now for the last 2 months or so I have had two new additions to my lingerie draw from Panache & honestly it was the best addition I have made. I’m always a bit apprehensive about trying new brand but arriving in the pretty tissue paper the beautiful designs & soft material. They were exactly what I had asked for no padding (whoop!) a full cup which I prefer as I feel it gives the most support.

The challenge with a larger bust is that when you’re wearing a bra, the straps can start to strain.  What I like about the Andorra Bra (my favourite style) is the straps don’t dig in – it’s so soft, seamless, and incredibly comfortable to wear all day. Best yet, it’s simply stunning. The look is feminine & seductive & it comes in a few versatile colours but this bluebell colour is perfect for Summer. AA x

This post was sponsored by Panache.