By February 16, 2016Fashion

I’m going to blame the number of jeans in my wardrobe down to when I had my first job at Gap when I was 16 (yes there may be 1 or 2 pairs that I still have from my time there!) But I think it was then that I realised the multiple styles available when it comes to jeans, which is great but sometimes it does feel that Denim is all I wear whether it’s Summer or Winter, to work or even at the weekend. 

Last Thursday me & my best friend decided to do something after work, which I love to do it still feels like your out on a school night & we went out for Sushi. I decided to leave my jeans hanging in the wardrobe & opted for my new go to, my black velvet Leggsington joggers. Teaming them with a simple cami & a pair of heels it was the perfect outfit for dinner. The velvet gives the joggers the edge & makes them ideal to wear of an evening, add a pair of heels & your ready to go. Plus they are super comfy to wear especially when out for dinner & jeans can sometimes be too stiff an uncomfortable my velvet joggers were definitely a win. Sometimes it’s what you need to your wardrobe to throw something new to the mix & see what new outfits you can create! AA x