Lunch At Gigi

By October 12, 2016Fashion, Food, Travel

One of the reason’s I love visiting Madrid is that even from my first trip a couple of years ago I knew it was the perfect city for a foodie like myself to go. There are endless restaurants & a real mix so no matter if your looking for a bakery for something sweet in the morning, a hidden tapas bar, a raw sushi bar or just something different, the city has it all!

This year I did think oh maybe I won’t come across as many new places but no worries as we can re-visit some old favourites but there was no need to worry. Instead we came across more new restaurants & considering were eating out twice a day everything was pretty much on our doorstep & we were simply spoilt.

I came across Gigi a few weeks before my trip to Madrid & before I even seen anything of the food I was instantly drawn to the interior, it was exactly my cup of tea & I knew I had to visit at some point.

Having already been spoilt with delicious dinners already in Madrid it was on the last day that we jumped in a quick taxi ride & 5 minutes later pulled up outside Gigi.

With it’s eye catching umbrella’s outside you can’t help but be curious about Gigi’s before you step inside but don’t worry because you can’t help but instantly relax & feel mellow once your over the threshold of this elegant restaurant.

It  is small but charming with a cosy atmosphere that makes it the perfect place to enjoy dining in at any time of the day, whether it’s picking up one of the newspapers they have stacked in the corner, a relaxing lunch or an intimate dinner.

 The interior is a real mix but thrown together it just works. With exposed brick wall, black & white patterned tile flooring, wooden beams, deep blue velvet benches, tropical palm leaf wallpaper, I couldn’t help but wish/dream that this is the exact kind of  trendy, warm look that I hope to accomplish in my own home.

An that’s how it makes you feel exactly like you can relax in your own home.

Once we were settled we were eager to order, having finished all our shopping it was safe to say we had worked up an appetite. Whilst the menu isn’t extensive but you can pick from the various brunch options or there is a selection of larger meals perfect for lunch or dinner.

Like the interior the menu was on board with keeping on trend with a flair of various ingredients that left me tempted on numerous dishes.

You can opt for numerous appetisers so you can enjoy a mix of all the dishes available. As we had built up quite the appetite sharing wasn’t really an option when it came to food so I ordered the tomato tartare with onion, mango, avocado & cecina whilst my mum & aunty went for the mushroom rice, shrimp & red pesto.

All of the dishes arrived looking quite simply splendid, perfectly & delicately put together so tucking in the food tasted even better than it looked.

The tomato tartar was a refreshing burst of flavours on the pallet whilst the rice dish seemed a new take on the traditional Spanish dish paella but the mix certainly hit the spot & was quite simply a delicious lunch.

It was the perfect quaint cosy restaurant to unwind in after a morning of shopping followed by the ideal mix of dishes to enjoy over lunch. Being spoilt for choice in Madrid I was so happy we managed to visit Gifi’s as it ticked all the boxes & next time I will definitely be heading back to try out brunch under the exotic umbrellas. AA x