Lunch At The Alchemist

By March 8, 2017Featured, Food, Lifestyle

When it comes to the weekend I love making the most of those two days where we can do whatever we want, whether it’s having plans with friends to go for brunch, a gym class, trip to the cinema or a night at home enjoying a home cooked dinner. One thing that I love to do on the weekends is eating out, whether it’s for brunch on a Sunday morning, a spot of Sushi, it’s the perfect chance to head out to somewhere new or an old favourite, eat some delicious food, unwind & relax after a busy week.

The last few weeks have been pretty full on with crazy weekends in-between which was great fun but I needed a weekend off to just relax & recharge the batteries so with a Saturday pretty free my boyfriend & I decided to head out to do what we do best, eat some food & have some cocktails too, well it would be rude not to! So with that in mind, we headed to the recently open The Alchemist in Liverpool.

Having lived in Manchester for University & with some of my girlfriends still living there I was very familiar with the Alchemist Manchester or should I say more familiar with their cocktail menu. So when it was announced Liverpool would have its very own then I couldn’t wait to visit, with that in mind we headed to the Alchemist for our Saturday lunch date.

Located in the impressive beautiful Grade II listed building on Brunswick Street, the very heart of Liverpool’s business district. Stepping inside you are immersed in its warm surroundings & tasteful décor, the mix of metallic shades & quirky use of bottles on display. Settling into one of the booths we were back & forth deciding on what cocktails to start with, now if you know Alchemist then cocktails is what they do & they do It very well, with showpiece cocktails served very theatrical but you can’t help but love it.

The cocktail menu is modelled on the periodic table, definitely my version of a Chemistry lesson. Picking your cocktail to leave it to the mixologists to impress you with the amazing concoction making skills, anything from the classics mojitos to one of the signature drinks, ‘Colour Changing One’ which Is the one that I opted for. Arriving like a chemistry set you combine two potions from science lab vials, pouring the vials the colour changes from bright blue to dusty pink amid plumes of smoke, impressive? I think so. Not to be out done my boyfriends ‘Light Bulb Moment’ arrived amongst swirls of smoke that was definitely a show stopper.

When it came to deciding what to eat the menu offered a mix of home comforts with a few twists from around the world, with Mexican fajitas & Japanese ramen. I went for their very British dish of a fish finger sandwich whilst my boyfriend went for southern fried chicken. I can’t remember the last time I even had fish fingers never mind in a sandwich so I was definitely up for trying it & it was exactly what I needed, with delicious sweet potato fries that I could eat plates off the portion was quite large but it was perfect for lunch! My boyfriends ‘Special Fried Chicken’ was definitely a feast & seeing as I didn’t get a taste it mush have been good!

With clean plates, it would be rude not to have dessert especially as the brownie came recommend & we weren’t left disappointed but my all time favourite sticky toffee pudding had us fighting over the last piece (I won of course!) We left with full tummies & still talking about the cocktails that I loved making & drinking. AA x

To book your table at The Alchemist, you can do so here.