Make-Up Ready with NARS

By March 2, 2017Beauty, Featured

If your make-up bag is anything like mine then it will be a various assortment of different brands, most of which I have tried & tested over the years but they do the job so I just keep going back to them. One of the ways that I love trying out new makeup is by having the professionals do it, they know the products better than anyone else, what products work best together & suit you. So, this is why whenever I want to try out new products or have my makeup done I head to Harvey Nichols, Beauty Bazaar.

I had an appointment booked to visit the new NARS counter in Beauty Bazaar but I popped in earlier to help my skin get prepped. The best way to get the most out of your make-up whether you’re applying it yourself or a professional is is to make sure it’s hydrated & feeling fresh it helps your makeup look fresher for longer.

I headed to the Dermalogica counter for their mini detox 10-minute facial, which cleanses, exfoliates & hydrates your skin. Looking over your skin whilst giving you the facial they are able to map your face & see which areas concern you & how they can help improve them. I have a slight dry patch on my forehead & some redness which isn’t ideal when applying make-up however after my treatment the redness had been removed, leaving my skin to look clear & pretty unblemished, I was impressed how much of a change could happen in only 10 minutes. Treating myself to a facial is something that I love to do but it can be costly so it’s easy to put off but looking after my skin is important to me, you only have one face so doing what I can to keep it looking healthy is something I want to do & having an express facial that also gives you results is the perfect solution.

With my skin prepped I headed over to NARS, a counter I have visited numerous times before but now it’s quite simply bigger & better. With a mirror-covered wall, countless products available & most importantly plenty of professionals to take care of all your make-up needs. I simply love their products & the way they take to my skin. Everything from their concealer, bronzer & lipsticks, like I said I have a mixed bag.

But this time I was booked in with one of the professionals for an hour’s appointment to give me a make-up makeover & evening look that they are always flawless at creating. I’m quite laid back with what ‘look’ I want & am always open to suggestions on what colours to try etc so this time we went for a purple smoke, using multiple shades of purple with a hint of black the look was so strong & flawless.

Once my eyes were semi-finished, then we started on the base using foundation ‘Fiji’ & applying by hand for a more natural even look. One of the newest products that was used at numerous shows during Fashion Week was the concealer ‘soft matte complete’ the subtle smooth blend of the concealer helped achieve complete coverage whilst still looking minimal & not as though it’s been applied with a spade. Now for me contouring I have never really understood but the cheek palette is an absolute dream. With 6 shades you are able to achieve a subtle contour with shading in the hollows of the cheeks, building up to a stroke of blusher then finally a hint of highlighter.

Outlining my lips with ‘Marnie’ & using the liner to colour in my lips to give them a base colour then adding a touch of  ‘Unlaced’ for a rich plum colour that complemented my eyes perfectly. The overall look is always so much better then I imagine, they know what products to use to achieve the look you want & I always leave the counter in love with my look.

To make your own booking on Dermalogica or NARS then you can contact the counters here.