Merci, Paris

By March 21, 2016Featured, Food, Lifestyle, Travel

As I said prior to Paris (mainly 2 nights before) my Boyfriend & I suddenly got really excited about the fact that our trip away was in 2 days. We were tagging each other in Instagram pictures of places that we wanted to visit, restaurants to try. For me Merci was definitely on the list, it was planing out that our trip was heavily food based & images I had seen of their delicious breakfast completely had me sold, we had to go.

Merci is closed on Sunday’s so Monday morning we jumped a taxi for a 10 minute taxi drive across Paris. To begin with you wouldn’t even really know where the restaurant was, the outside of the building is dark but don’t be fooled, keep walking along & on your right you will see a side entry & that is where you go & come out at the front of a lovely building that is so light & airy off the main road. Plus the colourful mini that takes prime spot right outside the building & who can’t resist a picture right next to it.

Going through the doors you are instantly hit with the bright & colour that has been created inside Merci from the glass roof to the colourful bold print of African material & clothes they are currently selling to celebrate young fashion designers.

We were yet to have a coffee & the images of the breakfast’s where firmly engraved in my mind so to the restaurant was were we went to first. Before we had even ordered I was feeling pretty at home with the wall full of books that are actually available for you to buy, something about it just feels homely. So with our coffees ordered & the helpful waiter who explained the menu to us in English we decided to go for the works. The menu isn’t actually that big, so I opted for soft eggs with bread aka egg & soldiers, my boyfriend went for the more Parisian option of a selection of breads & pastries with jam, then we could resist the homemade rose & orange scones.

The food arrived promptly & it certainly did not disappoint, my eggs were cooked perfectly lovely & soft with a runny centre, my bread was the perfect size to dip in. The jam though was something special, after a coffee break from our first round we dug into the scones with a hearty helping of marmalade & rose jam, I more a strawberry jam fan but this was so tasty It was the perfect combination & I could eat it again right now!

After we had indulged ourselves in the delicious breakfast we were definitely set for the day & some shopping in the store. In a nut shell you could easily spend the morning walking round the store across its 3 levels & discovering its hidden staircase. They simply have everything you could need, clothing to beauty with a wide selection of Aesop beauty care products which I was very happy about. Furniture on the next floor, with the chandeliers to minimalist dining tables & excentric chairs.

Clothing, the handbags & accessories for me where the winner, beautifully crafted bags, a range of vintage trainers which were spotted on most Parisian women, you could easily leave with an empty purse but a new wardrobe & more.

I have no will power when it comes to Stationary, fresh white pages of notebooks & colourful pens, I revert back into my 8 year old self prepping for a new school term. Their Papier section is pretty impressive, a book collection of coffee table fashion, travel & food books that I want piled on top of one another. Suitcases to pick up so I could pack all my goodies inside, you simply are spoilt for choice.

Try & leave empty handed but if like me you won’t be able to resist & take home some keep sakes from a beautiful store. A store that I would definitely visit again even for the breakfast alone. AA x