My Morning Routine

By June 15, 2016Featured, Food, Lifestyle

I can’t decide if I am a morning person or a night owl, is it possible that you can be both?

I have never really had much of a morning routine I used to dread the alarm going off & would hit snooze right until the very last minute before I had to come out of my warm cocoon. I tend to eat breakfast in work so it was always shower, get ready & out the door. However the past couple of months my routine has changed because I have moved to a new gym that is right on my door step that I absolutely love as I now have no excuse to not go to the mooring classes. Going the gym before work has completely changed my routine, after the class I am wide awake & full of energy ready to face the day. So this has been a massive help for me towards changing my routine so here are some tips I wanted to share with you.


I used to be a nightmare with breakfast when I was younger but now I am so much more aware that breakfast is the key meal of the day so always make more of an effort.

I had my fair share of  trial & error recipes to work out what suits my routine as well as filling me up, there is nothing worse than eating something then 30 minutes later being hungry again! Once I had my favourites I can say that nothing  puts a spring in my step quite like a good breakfast.

Porridge topped with berries has always been a favourite, organic oats have less sugar & are great fuel for a long day. Museli, with Greek Yoghurt & blueberries is easy to make the night before & take with you on the go. One morning a week I try & make a smoothy, spinach, apple, carrot, strawberries & almond milk is very tasty!

Pick your outfit…

When I was in school I was so fed up of wearing a uniform, my school was strict so there was no chance of the uniform going anywhere, I always wanted to join an American school they got to wear their own clothes every day! Now I sometime find it a right pain trying to decide what to wear to work but making the decision the night before makes your morning routine so much easier.

For me because I go the gym I have my gym clothes piled on the armchair in my room so in the morning I simply roll out the bed & put them on, it’s only a simple change but trust me it makes a difference. So it’s the same with my work clothes, I don’t necessarily lay them out ready to go but I know what I’m going to pull together for the next day. They are all small changes but the difference it makes is so much bigger my nights & weekends are free to spend however I want plus I’m no longer half asleep in the mornings.

Get Organised…

Okay so I know not everyone is organised & I’m sure you all have your own way of getting thing’s done which is great so do I but a few tweaks made not just my morning but the rest of my day more easy going & less stress. Having a full time job as a Buyer is not the normal 9-5 job then along with a blog it can get pretty hectic. In work I have my notebooks & make to-do lists, they may be daily or what jobs I want completed that week but I never used to have one for myself.

So I started to write down on my pretty notebooks (it was the ideal excuse to use them) jobs that I had to get done. Scheduling in time on my lunch break to send or reply to personal emails. If you have a long commute to work like me, make phone calls maybe to the bank etc that you don’t want to make in your free time. I’ve noticed I have stopped listening to certain radio stations & instead downloading podcasts that are really fascinating, I was hooked on Serial. Putting a nice big tick next to each job once it was complete was great as it freed up my spare time so I had it just for myself. AA x