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Now that we’ve had Easter, how blissful was it having 4 days off, I loved it & okay the weather wasn’t great but with fresh colourful blooms everywhere, lighter nights & burst of colour in peoples outfits I think it’s safe to say that we are itching to burst out into our Spring/Summer wardrobe, I certainly are.

Heading into stores, or scrolling through your social media feed it can be a touch overwhelming thinking what really do you need, I really try to avoid instant purchases because really it may not be what you need, or what will work well with your wardrobe. The key is to pick out key trends that will have you feeling like your in with the fashion forward crowd but that you can still continue wearing next year as their essentially classics with a twist.

Embroidered Shirt

A classic shirt with a twist, that you simply cannot go wrong with this Spring. If you were quick on this trend then you would have seen embroidered shirts making their way into stores last Summer & they have proven to be a hit & are staying around so don’t miss out this time!

You can pretty much find a variety of styles in stores across the high street one of my own favourites was this white shirt from Topshop as it was more than just an embroidered shirt, have you seen those swoon worthy cuffs.

The style itself is a bit more formal, great to be teamed with a pair of skinnies & converse for a relaxed weekend look or with a pair of tailored trousers for a more formal outfit.

I have also recently picked up a pale blue oversized shirt that I plan on wearing on holiday, perfect to team with a pair of denim cut off’s for a festival or as a beach cover up.

The Coat

The Trench Coat, I fell in love with this particular trend years ago specifically the Burberry ones, the campaign won me over & I was itching for one but it’s always been a style that’s intimidated me I’ve never really known how to wear it.

I love a trench as part of a formal uniform, it’s smart, classic & has a touch of femininity with the belt accentuating the waist to avoid it becoming too masculine. As I’ve got older I’ve seen different ways of embracing this look but it is definitely all about finding ‘the’ right trench coat for you. I really did shop around when looking for one a few months ago & as soon as I tried on this one from Warehouse I knew it was the one for me.

You can bring it over Spring or Autumn, wear this year or in five years time & it is still on trend, it will essentially never date & that is what you want. I’ve paired with some cigarette trousers, oversized jumper & pumps for a weekend look & it’s great to throw on to polish off an outfit.

IT Skirt

I think this skirt pretty much says it all really doesn’t it but I absolutely love it, it’s bold, feminine, the way it moves when you walk it sways giving you the perfect twirls in it. Wearing a skirt like this that is a statement can sometimes be a bit overwhelming as you may doubt how to style it, what to wear with it etc. My advise, try not to overthink it. I teamed this skirt with a neutral top to balance it out, try & avoid black it doesn’t always work out well, pick one of the colours from the pattern & go with that.

Detailed Jeans

Jeans aren’t my usual go to, I love wearing dresses. With jeans it’s all about finding the right fit & what works for you. Skinny jeans don’t flatter me as I have big thighs so it draws attention to them so I personally prefer a straight leg instead so it’s all about personal preference & what works for you & what you feel comfortable in.

There are plenty of variety on jeans, jumping on the embroidery trend you can now find floral patterns, or multiple rips but for me, I was looking for something a bit different that were fun to wear but that I still feel comfortable wearing & that’s what I found with this ruffled pair from Zara.

The shade of denim is that perfect shade of blue for Summer, ideal to wear with a light or bold colour on top. Having the ruffles along the bottom that’s where your eyes are drawn too, taking the attention away from any other areas you may want to hide. I teamed mine with a platform heel put have since worn them with a pair of white Stan Smith trainers for a more casual look.

The Dress

Dresses, my day, evening & weekend go to look.

Yes I always think you can never go wrong with the ideal dress, you can find one for all occasions & for any shape to make sure you get the look you want whilst still feeling great. Whilst I love wearing neutrals in Summer & having that clean palette but I also think that Spring/Summer is the perfect chance to embrace colour & pattern.

This particular dress from H&M is the perfect dress to wear for that transition in between seasons as well as continuing to wear it into the next season. Over the Summer there are plenty of ocasssions to wear a dress & it’s one item I think there are no specific rules with, you can have fun with fabrics, colour & pattern.

Most of my Spring/Summer dresses are maxi dresses so I find I get multiple wear out of them as they can be teamed with a platform or wedge on holiday or for an evening look or for a more casual look a pair of sandals with a tote bag gives you the ideal weekend outfit.

H&M Leopard Dress


  • Kerrie Summers says:

    Hi Abigail

    This is a great post. I love your header photo of you holding the flowers, the yellow floral dress is gorgeous.

    I’ve just read your latest “weekend reading list” post as well, I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the Keepers on Netflix. We are always looking for a new series to watch!

    I have been wanting to start my own blog for ages and ages and am feeling quite inspired to get on and do it since coming across yours.

    Great blog.

    Kerrie X

    • Abigail says:

      Kerrie thank you so much for your comment, they always make me smile!
      It’s lovely to hear you’re enjoying the posts & how gripping does the documentary look, cannot wait.

      I’m so happy to hear you want to start a blog, go for it & be sure to send me the link!
      AA x

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