November Book Club

By November 27, 2017Lifestyle, Uncategorized

If you’r a regular reader of AbigailAlice then you will know that I love reading & hence why each month I shared with you what book I was reading, you can catch up here. Now with my new change in career I have a lot more time to do what I love, reading. So I decided to do a monthly round-up of what I have been reading & share with you all. I also love knowing what your reading & any recommendations please let me know. November was a mixed bag with some great reads that I didn’t want to put down.

A Darker Shade of Magic  – I do love finding a good fantasy fiction especially when it’s a series & I found this one via Instagram, so many comments were left of people raving about how they loved it, so I picked it up. What would you do if there was more than one London? For one of the last Travellers, Kell he can use his magic to travel between parallel Londons’. Kel lives with the Royal family in Red London, when travelling between the various Londons’ he had a tendency to smuggle tokens, one happens to be Lila from Grey London. On an adventure to fight against the murdering rulers of White London, together they have to travel to the forbidden Black London. I really enjoyed reading this but I think I had my expectations so high due to the reviews, there’s not much of a cliffhanger so I wasn’t left itching for the sequel but I would pick it up to carry on the story just not in a rush.

Miss You – Again I picked this up after seeing it pop up on my Instagram feed & on The Stripe, whose book reviews I love. It follows Tess & Gus who accidentally meet in Florence age 18 just before University & we follow their lives for the next 16 years. Both are likeable characters who you sometimes want to shake & then other times cry for them, as their lives take unexpected turns reminding you how life doesn’t always turn out the way you expect. A lovely easy read to curl up with & also have you thinking how easily life could have turned out differently.

We Were Liars – With this book I have to say the cover raped my attention whilst I was shopping in Waterstones, not knowing what to expect I was surprisingly gripped & loved the twist. Candice Sinclair is the heiress to the Sinclair family estate & that is how her mother wants it to remain, bringing with it a family fueled on tension, arguments but not for Candice, her 2 cousins & Gat. They meet every Summer on the family island until 1 year Candice has an accident & only remembers fragments of what happened. She has to wait 2 years to return as she tries to discover what happened that Summer. I thought this was a bit slow to begin with but as the story unravels I was hooked.

Wait For You –  I haven’t read a good romance book in a while so this sounded the perfect read. It was one of those books that you just can’t put down. I took it with me to Gothenburg & was reading into the night as I was hooked on Avery & Cam’s story. Avery quite literally bumps into Cam on her first day on campus. They soon become quick friends but that’s all & even that is a difficult title for Cam to earn. Their relationship is addictive, Avery is so closed up having moved far from home & leaving her troubles behind & that’s how she wants it to stay until Cam turns her world upside down.