By February 17, 2016Featured, Food, Travel

Family holidays are something we have always done, not just with my mum, dad & younger brother but with our extended family it’s easy to say were a very tight pack. I clearly remember Disneyland in America where my Aunty warned me to keep hold of my baseball cap (minnie mouse of course) just as we went on Thunder Mountain & when she told me to stick me feet over the boat as we swam with the dolphins. A week in Scotland where my Grandad taught me to dive & so many more. However we have not done a family holiday quite as big as this, there were 12 of us all my mum’s side for 5 days in Rome & what a holiday it was. 

You might have guessed that I love to travel & first visited Rome when I was 19 for a week & I loved it. I didn’t realise how much I would fall in love with the history & the Italian way of life. At the time I was studying History of Art in University so to see these iconic paintings & historical buildings that I was studying really was something else. The reason for this trip was simple my Grandad has always wanted to go so with everyone on board the organisation was left down to me, 12 flights were booked. Our hotel was simple but the location was unbelievable & considering how much walking we did the location is key, plus there is so much too see that you are constantly out & about exploring. 

We did everything we wanted to from visiting the Vatican, to exploring the Colosseum & going below the amphitheatre. Eating my own body weight in pasta & pizza, I’m not a fan of pizza at home but in Rome I loved it & sampling as many flavours of gelato. Strolling along the streets in the evening, discovering wine cellars with an unbelievable selection it turned into a wine tasting session. There are so many restarts that you really cant go wrong however our best meal was saved until the last night. My brother took us to a favourite of his that he found when he was working in Rome a few years earlier,  ‘Antica Fontana di Trevi’ located down a side street the restaurant was tucked away & we sat outside in the street & had some of the best Italian food I’ve ever had. It was the perfect way to end a few busy days of exploring, eating, shopping & having a ball with my family. AA x