Safari, South Africa

By October 11, 2017Featured, Lifestyle, Travel

Going on a safari was something I had always wanted to do & honestly I didn’t know when or if I would ever have the chance to. The best safaris are in South Africa & it had never really been a place on my list to visit until I got my new job as cabin crew for British Airways & the world was quite literally my oyster.

I was rostered Johannesburg, South Africa in my first month & it was my second long-haul trip, I had no idea what to expect but it will always be one of those trips that will forever stick with me & was definitely a real pinch-me moment, thinking to myself is this really my job? It was a Thursday morning (we fly through the night) we checked into our lovely hotel & 2hours later we were being driven away to a ranch, where I spent the day having lunch in a treehouse looking out for any animals I may see, it was such a surreal moment I can’t explain.

I’m still very new & it’s early days in my new cabin crew career but one thing I have learnt & so far has been working for me is to adapt to the timezone that you are in, so for Johannesburg as mentioned it’s a night flight, we arrive early in the morning & I don’t nap, instead I will spend the day relaxing by the pool or in this case on a Safari & go to bed early, have a full 13 hour sleep, it’s the best sleep in the world.

On this particular trip, I was so excited for the safari, the lack of sleep didn’t even cross my mind as we pulled up at the stunning lodge where we were having lunch before we headed out. We sat outside to eat our lunch with incredible views & was lucky enough to spot a giraffe in the far off distance. With lunch all finished & a quick cup of coffee we jumped into out 4×4 jeep to begin the safari, the jeep alone had me excited it was one of those original off the road jungle jeeps & I thought it was pretty cool if I’m being honest.

Heading out we spent the day driving around visiting an array of animals from ostrich to hippos (which wouldn’t come out the lake for a good enough picture) but we got pretty close enough considering they are the most dangerous. There was plenty of zebras roaming around in their families & it was surprising how close they came up to our jeep, their eyelashes are unbelievably long & I couldn’t believe how calm they were at approaching us.

But for me, the best was saved for last when we finally got to see the 3 elephants all of whom have been rescued from poachers, a mother & her baby & the 3rd was a stray who the mother still looked after. I may seem pretty obvious but I couldn’t believe how big they were, especially the mother she was so large, you realise how beautiful & powerful these animals are. It seemed so surreal to actually be seeing these animals & to be so close, watching them in their own environment but I could have stayed out on that jeep all day. I’m heading back to Johannesburg tomorrow for another visit but this time for some relaxation after 5 days decorating my new place but having done a safari I now want to do the overnight trips. Heading to Cape Town where you can see more animals, there’s definitely more to add to my bucket list. AA x