Spa Day At The Culloden

By September 19, 2016Beauty, Featured, Lifestyle

Okay so you may have already ready my previous posts about my pretty perfect weekend in Belfast with my mum for a girls stay at The Culloden Estate & Spa. Now just incase you hadn’t clicked the Spa is quite simply wow & one of the reasons we could wait to get there, a full day of pampering, deep relaxing body massages, facials that we would leave us feeling fresh it’s easy to see why we were looking forward to it but that’s not just it.

If you follow me on Instagram then you may come across the odd picture of me in the gym sweating not so prettily to keep in shape, it’s hard work but I do enjoy it especially when I’m in a good routine. Probably one of the main reasons I workout out 4 times a week is because of my mum, she is quite simply a machine in the gym. So whilst we had a full spa day planned we had also booked into some classes in the Health Club. 

Waking up on the Monday morning after enjoying a delicious dinner the night before in the Estate’s fine dining restaurant it’s safe to say I was very happy to roll over & stay in my heavenly bed for the rest of the morning. But after opening the curtains we decided to go for a morning walk before we headed to our spinning class. I’m going to be honest, spinning is the class I really do not enjoy it at all but on this day I had no choice. Having not done the class in a while I didn’t know what to expect plus each instructor tailors it to their own way of teaching. The verdict it was an absolute killer, I had worked up such a sweat I couldn’t believe it but I absolutely loved it I felt fantastic afterwards. My mum & I even said we’d happily fly over every Monday (to follow with a Spa day of course.)

With one class under our belt we were on a roll, later that day before dinner we took part in a Pilates class which my mum loves & is actually much harder than you may think but it was a great way to unwind & stretch out after the mornings killer workout on our legs. Enjoying the variety of classes it really added to my fitness regime & I actually felt I worked harder. Finishing with a weights class the following day it’s dafe to say that we really were tested in the classes but it’s all about how hard you want to push yourself. It’s great afterwards knowing you’ve worked hard & that you can actually do it, with the classes available you can definitely take your pick to what suits.

After putting our bodies through some pretty tough workouts we were definitely ready for our Spa day in fact having actually tired our our poor muscles made us feel as though we definitely were in need of being pampered. The Spa has only recently just completed an extension & refurbishment offering guests the ultimate sanctuary to unwind both mind & body.

When it came to treatments there are plenty to pick from, if your wanting to concentrate on a specific area or want the full body works, you can see here what’s available. Getting settled into the treatment room that smelt divine with all the ESPA oils & scents my therapist explained the treatments I would be having starting with a salt & oil full body scrub. Having been in Portugal prior to the trip & also after the workouts we’d endured I wanted the scrub to exfoliate my skin help it feeling plump & smooth, which it did afterwards, the oils lingered on my skin & it felt fantastic even a few days later.

 I always like to get a facial if I can as I think it’s really important to look after your skin an whilst I can use the right creams at home now & then it needs that extra TLC to help you keep fresh looking. Both mum & I opted for the Enzyme facial which is a natural facial peel, which is powerful but the results were brilliant. It helps been out your skin tone & afterwards we were glowing. There was no redness in our skin which sometimes happens, we quite simply looked refreshed.

After all our treatments were finished, my body felt as though it was in a deep sleep & didn’t want to wake up. We headed into the beautiful relaxation room where you can simply stay & continue to relax & unwind. It was lovely to quite simply lie there in my big fluffy robe, with my chair providing me a massage. We both felt completely relaxed, our bodies felt rejuvenated & refreshed, sometimes without even realising it all you want to do is simply lie there & have some pampering, it was the perfect way to end our stay at the The Culloden Estate, feeling completely pampered & looking forward to our next stay.

Many thanks to The Culloden Estate & Spa for a fantastic stay.