Sushi & Midori Cocktails

By December 19, 2016Featured, Food

We are now only 6 days away from Christmas & incase you hadn’t gathered I’m pretty excited about what is my favourite holiday. Everywhere is so festive that you can’t help but get caught up in the magical spirit & at the weekend my boyfriend & I decided to make the most of it by hitting the shops to get the last of our presents. After successfully picking up the last of our presents we headed to one of our regular restaurants, YO! Sushi.

It is one of those restaurants that is so convenient to pop into when ever your feeling a bit peckish & fancy setting off your tastebuds with some delicious sushi. Every time we visit I love watching the carousel passing by with colourful plates with tasty sushi underneath them, with the chopsticks twitching in my hand, eager to get stuck in.

After a successful but tiring morning I settled into my booth deciding what plates to pick when before I knew it there was a colourful array of plates in front of me, what can I say I’ve got an appetite & the rolls are too hard to resist. So with our food ready to go & the chopsticks in hand we ordered our drinks which usually in YO! Sushi I keep it simple with water whilst the boyfriend will go for a beer but sushi lovers rejoice as there is now the perfect  cocktail to indulge in alongside your sushi this festive holiday period.

The Midori & Yuzu cocktail is a combination of premium fresh melons which tastes refreshingly fruity & sweet, it is definitely a refreshing taste & has a kick that sits well when dipping into your sushi. Enjoying Sushi is one thing but it’s now even better with this wining formula that is available now to enjoy, I know it will be a hit with my girlfriend’s when we visit as who doesn’t love enjoying a cocktail over a weekend lunch with friends. The exciting mix is the perfect combination for the festive season. AA x