Tech Bitch & Mulberry

By February 17, 2016Fashion

The world of Social Media can be a crazy place sometimes but we all love it, can you think where we would be without our daily Instagram inspiration feed, sad I know but Instagram is my favourite app! An it just shows you the power of it when through a picture I uploaded of my latest Mulberry purchase, some brogues (what can I say I have a weakness for Mulberry) I received an email from author Jo Piazza inviting me to the launch of her new book, Tech Bitch to be held at the Mulberry store, New Bond St. For me a girl who grew up with her nose constantly in a book, I have bookcases in my room of books that I have loved reading & can’t bear to throw away because the good books are always worth a 2nd or 3rd read aren’t they. So being invited to my first book launch was pretty cool for me & in the Mulberry store it was my dream combination. 

Tech Bitch brings together the tech world alongside the glamorous world of fashion. Techbitch is about Glossy, a top fashion magazine in New York City which has been transitioning into the digital age during its editor-in-chief, Imogen Tate’s absence. When Imogen Tate returns from her sabbatical, she finds her former assistant, Eve Morton calling the shots of her beloved magazine, who plans to digitalise the magazine and make it into an app. Now, Imogen doesn’t know what a tweet is and the only reason she’s on Facebook is to monitor her 10-year-old daughter’s activities online. It’s do or die for Imogen as she navigates the treacherous waters of the digital age.

A funny, quick witted book that I know will be the ideal Summer read & will be found in my beach bag. AA x

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