The Body Coach – Cycle 1

By July 27, 2016Featured, Food, Lifestyle

Health & fitness is a big part of my life, as a child I definitely had maybe a little bit more than puppy fat what can I say I love my food & it’s never left me I can eat for England if I want to, trust me. It wasn’t until I came home from University that I started using the gym & since then really I have been going. Don’t get me wrong it’s not been constant I have my periods were I’m just not into it & struggle getting myself energised for a class.

The past few years I would definitely say I’ve had a battle with myself on how I look & being frustrated that all this work I put in exercising I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. Now the statement ‘80% food & 20% gym’ I have definitely learnt is true. Along side the gym I tried Weight Watchers, Herbal Life & My Fitness Pal, all of which with results but not long lasting plus it wasn’t enjoyable doing them. In February I joined a new gym which is 5 minutes from my house & is exactly what I wanted since I’ve joined I’ve been hooked doing 4 classes a week & lately pushing myself to 5. With the right gym in place & feeling more energised & fitter in myself the next step was food…

Food – Leanin15 – Cycle 1

At the start of the year when I was still getting over my Christmas indulgence I discovered Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach. It wasn’t long after this that his book Leanin 15 came out & after seeing his tasty recipes on Instagram I decided to give it a try & I really got into it. Now being honest I ate healthy before hand so I didn’t find it too difficult changing my meals in line with his recipes they just suddenly became a lot tastier. But the 1 thing that baffled me was the portions, I know a lot of the 80% food is also down to portion control & in the book I found the positions too broad, me & my boyfriend would more or less having the same portion size so after a few weeks I gradually came off it. But 4 weeks ago after reading so many great review about the 90 Day Shift, Shape & Sustain plan I decided to sign up.

After filling in a lengthy questionnaire about your lifestyle your personalised plan takes 5 days to pull together. To begin with I was a bit apprehensive about it but 1 thing I can definitely say is that planning is key! It’s so easy to come off the path if you have an empty fridge & don’t make time to plan & prep your meals. For me I cook my dinner & will double up so I have the same for lunch the next day, it might sound boring but guess what the meals are soo tasty!! That is a massive bonus it has definitely got me cooking & making dishes I would never have thought to make before. I’m having 3 meals & 2 snacks a day, in cycle 1 the key is to have your carb fuel meal after you train so if I train before work my breakfast is Overnight Protein Oats, which is 1 of my favourites. One part of it that I have really struggled with is after dinner that is it, nothing else, not even a bit of Greek Yoghurt & berries & for a person with a sweet tooth who like a little something after dinner that is when I have struggled. But now I’m just over 4 weeks in & I’m starting to see changes I know it’s worth it & I’m actually used to it now.


As part of the 90 day SSS programme you do get introduced to the HIT workouts with links to the You Tube videos which really anyone can access they are not solely for people who have signed up. If your new to working out or don’t have a gym membership then they are great to do in your own home as you need very little equipment as it’s mostly own body weight exercises.

For me instead of doing HIT I have still been going to my own gym simply because the style of classes are perfect for me. 35 minute circuit class with 25 stations all with varying exercises from Cardio to Weights with each station lasting 50 seconds. Going through each station is tough as your are essentially working your full body not just one specific area. I have to say I didn’t sign up for The Body Coach to loose weight, no I wanted something that was going to help me change my shape, tone up & fingers crossed that is the way it is heading. Last week I did 5 circuit classes which I felt great about & during the last class of the week I was pushing myself to do better, it really have improved my fitness & energy, once the early morning classes are done I have a spring in my step.

Next I’m thinking of trying some new workouts, I wish there was a Soul Cycle in Liverpool I really want to give it a try & definitely a Boxing class, if you know of any please Tweet me & let me know!