Travel Beauty Essentials

By November 22, 2017Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel

When going away on holiday I think most of you will agree that we pack every single cream, serum that we have, a large moisturiser even though were only away for 7 days, oh an also the 5 different shades of lipstick just incase we don’t pack the correct shade. Sound familiar, I went on a girls holiday in May to Barcelona only for 2 nights & my best friend turned up with a case full of products but I wouldn’t expect anything else from her.

With my new job as Cabin Crew I remember during training one of the teachers said within a matter of weeks you will be expert packers even down to your toiletries as yes unfortunately we can still only take 100ml through as liquids. Now 100ml is not easy when you have to pack all your skincare, body lotions & make-up into one bag. Plus for me I don’t want to change my skincare routine so I still want to take with me what I use at home an with the help of shopping around I have been able to do so & wanted to share what has become my skincare & beauty travel essentials.

As many of you now only travel with hand luggage you know that you can only take 100ml maximum but the great thing is that so many brands have produced some of their most popular products in miniature size & The Body Shop is great for this. I have used various products of their’s from the face scrub, eye cream to body cream & love how they are with my skin so I when I seen the array of miniature products that they do then this is perfect to pack & take away with me.

Face: After working a long flight one of the best things is going to your hotel room, running a hot shower & removing all make-up. Planes can be de-hydrating & it’s a long time to wear make-up so I use ‘Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover.’The camomile lotion is really soothing & relaxing on your skin, make-up comes off really easily without irritating my skin or eyes. Then the next step, when it comes to washing my face I have used ‘Tea Tree skin Clearing Facial Wash’when I was younger & whilst it’s usually used on oily skin or if you have acne I find that it’s great to use after a long flight where I’m wearing make-up, my skin feels cleansed. As I said planes are dehydrating on the skin so always try to drink as much as you can, I always wear my night cream before applying my make-up as I find it the most moisturising on my skin. So once I have removed all my make-up then I apply Vitamin E Cream & Moisturiser.  It’s lightweight & locks in the moisture all day which is exactly what I want, the Vitamin E contains plumping hyaluronic acid which which helps battle dryness, an the bonus its only a 50ml tub the perfect size.

No matter if I am travelling to warmer climates in Africa or Europe I always pack some sun cream & always a high factor especially for my face. When it comes to applying sun cream I really don’t like using thick cream as I always feel as though it’s clogging my skin so ‘Skin Defence SPF 50’ is the perfect solution. The substance of the cream is thin enough that you are getting full coverage but you are not blocking up your pores, coming in both 40ml & 60ml it’s perfect to pop in your handbag.

Body: When I seen that both these products came in miniature size I was so happy as they are the exact same ones that I use at home & I love them. I have been using them for just on a year & it always feel like I am having a pamper when I am using them, plus my skin feels amazing. From the ‘Spa Of The World’ range at The Body Shop this is your very own Spa on the go. ‘Mediterranean Sea Salt Scrub’ contains coarse crystals that make your skin feel refreshed & maybe it’s the sea salt but I find my skin is left feeling revitalised & plump. Pairing the sea salt scrub with ‘Atlantic Seaweed Cream’ to finish off the spa experience on the go. After awakening the skin after a long flight (trust me there’s no better feeling) the seaweed cream is hydrating with it’s water breaking texture so perfect to keep you skim looking & feeling refreshed.

Fragrance: When it comes to picking out fragrances for myself I am very particular on what I use, I think this is because I usually tend to rememeber someone by what they are wearing, heavy woody tones always remind me of my mum.So when it comes to myself I tend to really have only a daytime & evening fragrance that I tend to swap when the seasons change. Now working as Cabin Crew I have found the perfect L’Occitane perfume that ticks all the boxes for me. I’ve really noticed the importance of finding a fragrance that you love to wear day or night, with my job you can start flying in the afternoon & not land until the early hours.  I want something that is versatile, but that also lasts as there is nothing worse than spraying yourself in something you love & then an hour later it’s faded. Not only is the bottle ridiculously pretty with it’s glitter cap & rays of gold across the bottle. For me this fragrance has the perfect balance of being fresh with hints of lavender & then hints of warmth come through with elements of honey & almonds. It’s the superb size to pack in my bag & also the perfect Christmas present for her or even yourself this Christmas, the fragrance that you can wear all year round. AA x