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Napa Valley

Wine Country..

I have to say Napa Valley has only come onto my list in the past two years or so but it’s in there pretty close at the top. Honestly since I seen the Parent Trap & Dennis Quaid’s house in Napa it’s been stuck in my brain since then.

When I visited SF 18 months ago we didn’t have time for a trip & I was gutted but I don’t think it’s a place you can rush, I want to explore it. From the quaint B&B’s, road side coffee shops, taking a bike ride around the vineyards & sampling some of the local wine of course.

Napa Valley is considered one of the premier wine regions in the world & there are plenty of vineyards to visit & taste the local grapes but there is plenty more to Napa than it’s famous vineyards. It’s numerous valleys are surrounded by mountains, the scenery looks beautiful & hot air balloon rides are popular as well as hiring a car & taking a drive to see what you find.


White Washed Cube Houses …

If this picture alone or any others you may have seen of Santorini are not enough to make you go then I  am baffled, the island is so picturesque & gives off a very relaxed atmosphere that I am itching to go.

A Greek island hoping adventure was one of the first trips I planned to do after University but I ended up doing something else but it’s still high on my list. A friend visited last year but split her stay between the two different sides of the island which I think would be a nice mix.

Best time to visit is in late spring, when the landscape is still green, the sea has warmed up to swimming temperatures, but the crowds have yet to descend & early autumn, when the summer hordes have departed & the sea is at its warmest.

Arriving to the island by boat surrounded by clear blue sea, with the all white cube houses staggered along the cliff edge of the island it is an idyllic Summer holiday spot.


Clear Blue Sea & Coconut Cocktails…

 When going long haul I do like a mix of relax & exploring so Mexico seems the ideal destination for a bi of both. It’s not somewhere I have ever really considered but lately I have been reading more about it & it seems to tick plenty of my boxes.

With it’s colourful culture, delicious cuisine, historical ruins, dreamy beaches the list goes on for why Mexico is on my list. From the sleepy beach outpost Tulum, which has become a fashionable yet decidedly low-key escape on a bohemian Grand Tour that might take in Marrakesh & Phuket.

Or maybe San Miguel de Allende, Located a few hours north of Mexico City in the Sierra Madres. It is here in San Miguel de Allende where they retain a rich colonial charm with its cobblestone streets & beautiful Spanish colonial mansions that are Pinterest worthy pictures & where I would happily stay.

Tour Of Italy

So this Summer I had planned to travel around Italy, there were countless places I wanted to go to & so did my bf. But the amount of places we wanted to go & spend quality time there we couldn’t fit it all in as in Italy you are spoilt for choice, we decided that it would easily take 2 months to see & do what we had planned & do it properly.

Nearly a year ago I went back to Rome & I fall completely back in with the place, there is just something about their way of life, laid back lifestyle, the history, stunning architecture & glorious food & wine it is a long list. This made me eager to explore more of what Italy had to offer.

From the Tuscan countryside with it’s endless vineyards, to the romantic canal streets & galleries of Venice, colourful Amalfi Coast & this is just the start of where to visit in Italy. You can really get a bit of everything from a city break to a Summer long holiday, what will you pick? AA x

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