Turning 28

By August 15, 2016Featured, Lifestyle

Yes this week it’s my Birthday!

I have always loved Birthday’s & I’m not going to lie I love the everything that goes with it. With my Birthday being in August when I was younger it was always in the Summer holidays so birthday parties were tricky but I have had my Birthday in some pretty cool places, Disneyland definitely is in my Top 3.

Every year I think I’m going to grow up & have an adult birthday but nope that definitely doesn’t happen & I don’t know if to ever will. I love eating cake for breakfast, opening beautifully packaged gifts that friends & family have thought so hard about. But I also love it when it’s my boyfriend’s or girlfriends birthdays you can really spoil them!

Eat Cake For Breakfast…

It really is that one day a year where you can do what you want & I think the more out the ordinary the better, whatever takes your fancy the more memorable the better!

I know that I will be having cupcakes (the most delicious cupcakes) for my breakfast, why not? If I wasn’t in work there would be cocktails for lunch but instead we can save them for dinner instead.

This year my girlfriends & all our partners are going to the Races for the day & I can’t wait. It’s the perfect chance to get dressed up, enjoy a pamper, sip Prosecco for most of the day, enjoy more birthday cake & dance the night away.

I love opening cards I always take particular care when I buy cards myself so always know my friends will pick me pretty fun ones too, they can end up more meaningful than the gift.

I always remember 1 particular card 1 of my best friends hand made me, he’s super creative & he’s essentially made a scrap book of all my favourite things & I absolutely loved it.

Birthday Bucket List…

Okay so out of my girlfriends I’m the youngest & I really milk this, 3 of them will be turning the big 30 this year & I keep dropping that mines ages away.

This I truly believe because I can’t fathom me being 30, I seems at least another 10 years off not just 2.

I remember when I was in University & in my head I had this plan of where I wanted to be by 30 & I can honestly say I’m no where near it but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love where I am now in my life & I know the best  are still yet to come. We will have a ball celebrating my girlfriend’s 30th’s this year & I know we will for the rest of them & eventually when it’s mine.

My girlfriends & I are going to Paris in December & one of the girls who will have turned 30 wants to get a tattoo it’s on her 30 before 30 list. I kind of think why the hell not?

I don’t have a list myself but who knows the next 2 years I might start making one but I know that I quite like the sound of 28 & I think it’s going to be a pretty great year! AA x