Up, Up & Away

By August 1, 2017Featured, Lifestyle, Travel

It seems pretty surreal that I am actually writing this post as this has been months in the waiting, hence why there has been so little or pretty much no activity on Abigail Alice as (drum roll please) I have a new job & it’s all very exciting, a complete whirlwind & a massive career change.

After leaving University I went straight into Buying & was there for 7 years, it was never a job I had considered but I loved it, as it was creative, fast paced & I was fortunate enough to travel to the Far East. When you’re only in your early twenties & get to experience this it’s, on one hand, an amazing opportunity but towards the end, it was a lot of stress & the same drive was no longer there, which in itself is a sign that something needed to change. With that in mind, the question was, what on earth was I going to do next?

My passion for my blog was always at the forefront of my mind, the demands of my previous job in some ways held me back from pushing Abigail Alice further. I love working on the blog, it’s my outlet I get to be creative, visit new places, experience new things, I wanted to continue & develop this so I needed a job that was going to encourage me to do so. One love of mine is travelling, from an early age I have been fortunate to travel to some amazing places, I constantly want to be away, ask my boyfriend last week alone I sent him Instagram pictures of four new places to add to our list, it drives him slightly mad. So when one evening my mum mentioned she had seen positions for Cabin Crew at British Airways, well it stuck.

So when one evening my mum mentioned she had seen positions for Cabin Crew at British Airways, well it stuck & before I knew it I had uploaded my CV & clicked send. I never in a million years thought that I would be working Cabin Crew it was just never on my radar, never even occurred to me but as I kept getting through each stage I wanted it so much it just felt right. After being offered a position weeks of intense training took place & last week I got my ‘wings,’ it was such a surreal moment it honestly didn’t feel real.  With flights to Prague & Marseille already done, I cannot wait for August to begin as I’ll be visiting Johannesburg, Venice, Vienna, Lisbon, Vancouver.

It’s very exciting that this is my new chapter, I feel so much happier I know that this is was the right move for me, yes it was very daunting, was I making the right decision, it was such a change but how would I know if I didn’t give it a go? I’m so delighted, that the hard work paid off & I  can’t wait to share with you all. Expect more travel posts & guides as I share what I get up to. AA x