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By May 27, 2016Lifestyle

Catch Up

Benefits Biggest Brow Collection …

Benefit Cosmetics has always been in the business of beautiful brows— they have everything from their in-house brow bars to their all-star line up of arch-perfecting products that leave you spoilt of choice so it’s safe to say that brows are a top priority for the brand.

 Brows are so important to the brand that they’ve decided to completely re-vamp their brow offerings & launch the mother of all eyebrow collections this June. They already have a great range of brow products but now it seem’s they want to take it to a completely new level!

The new launch will see some cult classics that have been repackaged & 6 completely brand new products. With some of them available in 6 shades, it looks like there’s going to be something for everyone. So get ready as all the new products will be launching nationwide on 24th June.

Must See

Be Our Guest…

Now I’m a fan of the classics there the originals & in my eyes nothing can beat them they are the films I grew up watching but that’s not to say to say the re-makes aren’t to bad. I recently seen the Jungle Book remake & thought it was brilliant so fingers crossed for the next one, Beauty & The Beast.

It was announced last year that the Disney classic was going to be remade but this time with a A list cast. When films are re-made it’s hard to see which direction they will take & so this week we finally got to see a teaser. Now you don’t see a lot in the video, rather the Beast’s towering home in disrepair, before Beauty turns up. But you do get a tiny glimpse of Emma Watson in the leading role as Belle, the book-loving Disney princess who changes the Beast’s life forever. It’s not out til March 2017 but yes I know I will be there to see it, I still love a Disney film.

Just In

H&M Collab With Kenzo…

I don’t recall the exact year but I remember when Matthew Williamson did his collection for H&M I was so excited & every year the H&M collection is getting bigger & bigger. We all remember the scenes from last November, when H&M’s Balmain collection drove shoppers into a panicked frenzy, fighting over bejewelled party dresses and logo t-shirts. Now, H&M have announced their latest designer collab – Kenzo, the Paris-based label founded by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada in 1970, currently under the creative direction of Carol Lim & Humberto Leon.

It’s a collaboration that seems a perfect fit – Kenzo are beloved for their animal prints, poppy garments, bold logos. An all of these concepts will easily translate to a high street collaboration that no doubt will be sold out within days. But we still have a bit longer to wait as it doesn’t hit stores until the 3rd November.

I Want

If you a regular reader of Abigail Alice then you have most probably come familiar with my outfit posts & that I am a girly girl & dresses are my go to. At the moment floral seems to be everywhere I did a bit of window shopping last weekend & every other dress I picked up was floral but I’m not complaining.

I find with floral dresses it’s the style of them you have to get right in order for them to work & I think this maxi dress  from New Look, they get the combination so right. With the delicate straps, tie waist band & soft green colour is the perfect balance.

I think this is ideal dress for so many events over the Summer, a wedding abroad in the sun it’s pretty & light to wear all day & into the night. You can wear it in the day & then transition into the night so a great piece if your out for dinner then out for drinks in the evening. So whatever the reason I think this is the perfect Summer floral dress to have ready in your wardrobe. AA x

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