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By September 16, 2016Lifestyle

Catch Up

Back To School Looks Off The Catwalk..

Once September there was a sense of Summer is over were heading into Autumn & with a new season is new change, the biggest one is most likely back to school or University. I remember so clearly packing up & coming home for the start of the Summer & in a blink the weeks have flown & your heading back to face the Autumn/ Winter term.

I always remember in University spending so much money on clothes I did have a job but still me & my girlfriends were always in Topshop & playing dress up not that we haven’t changed. So when I seen this article on looks straight from the catwalk & adding them to you wardrobe for high street prices I wanted to share.

Whatever your look is or whatever you want to experiment with, these high street finds are pretty spot on to help you pull off that catwalk look.

Must See

50 Shades Darker…

This week the film trailer for the second instalment of the world phenomenon 50 Shades, has been released & the teaser for ’50 Shades Darker’ definitely was a tease & no doubt will eave plenty of women on their edge of their seats until it’s release date on the 10th February.

It only seems a few months ago that the country & the rest of the world really, was itching to see how this couples risque escapades would transcend onto the big screen. I for one had read all the books & was amongst the millions of people who were hooked on this crazy whirlwind of a romance & wanted to see how it would be portrayed in a film.

For the second film the blindfolds have been left behind & replaced with masks as the trailer provides a look at the masquerade ball that is hosted by Christian’s parents. We witness the escalating romance between the two, who had ended “Fifty Shades of Grey” apart.

Just In

Vogue Documentary…

I wouldn’t say I’m a nosy person more that I have an interest into what goes on behind closed doors & the new Vogue documentary is definitely my cup of tea!

Airing on BBC 2 as part of a 2 part series the 1st on the 8th September the documentary that will give us access inside the hallowed halls of the 100-year-old magazine.

You are introduced to the key members of the Vogue team as well as some of fashion’s most recognised & popular faces, including Edie Campbell, world renowned photographer Mario Testino & of course Kate Moss who has covered more issues of British Vogue than anyone else.

This year is quite a pinnacle year for British Vogue with countless celebrations to commemorate the centenary. There was, of course, an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, a big birthday bash in May, attended by the biggest names in the business, a cover with the Duchess of Cambridge & now this documentary as the chic cherry on the glistening birthday cake.

I Want

In My Wardrobe…

If there is one trend to watch this A/W then it is velvet, it is quite simply everywhere & you can approach it in so many ways, where it’s for a day time out, kick back weekend, or step it up a notch over the weekend.

I have not been velvet’s biggest fan over the years honestly it’s sometimes the way it feels under my fingers but about 2 years ago I picked up a deep dark blue knee length velvet dress & I loved it, I may see if I still have it & bring it out for round two this Winter.

Catching my eye recently were these stunning, eye catching velvet boots from Russell & Bromley. Definitely a show stop  piece to have in your wardrobe & a pair of boots that I would probably own bring out for the right occasion as I would be terrified of them be damaged but with leather trousers, black skinnies, a knee length leather skirt or a wool dress they simply so with  everything. AA x