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By January 20, 2017Lifestyle

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Mrs Beckham Pens A Letter To Her 18 Year Old Self

I have seen this article on Vogue a few times & honestly just brushed past it something else caught my eye but last weekend I was wrapped up in bed full of horrible ear ache & had the chance to read it & I loved it! Victoria Beckham has quite simply penned a letter to her 18-year-old self, passing on the words of wisdom she wishes she would have known back then.

For one of the most recognisable women in the world, her name alone brings up 47,800,000 results on Google it’s safe to say she covers everything in her letter. From bullying in her youth, bad skin & her weight. Joining a girl band that were about to take over the world & reinstate girl power, experimenting with her clothes, falling in love, her relationship with her husband & the paparazzi.

It is crazy to think what would you tell your 18-year-old self? I’m 28 now & within the short space of 10 years so much has happened, most of it I never expected I would love to know if I could give my younger self a heads up on what to expect, would I take the advice & make some tweaks along the way?

Must See

Hot Destinations for 2017…

I don’t know about you but if your anything like me then you will already have your thinking cap on dreaming up destinations of where you wish to visit this year. Last year I went on too many holidays, I’m not complaining I love travelling but this year instead of lots of weekends away or a few days of a European trip I’d love to go to an island for 2 weeks, hot glorious sunshine, crystal clear water & a pile of books & I’d be very happy. It might not happen this year but well a girl can dream.

So where are you thinking of jetting off to in 2017?

Budapest to experience this vibrant city that has been on my list for too long, Mykonos for those white painted villages & sandy beaches & South of France with the beautiful meadows & wine tasting tours, all three are on my list plus a skiing trip too, can’t miss out on hitting the white slopes with a lunch on the mountains

! But don’t worry if those places aren’t getting you excited or you’re thinking of jetting off somewhere further afield when this compilation of where’s hot to visit in 2017 is perfect for you. Have a read & see where you see yourself holidaying in 2017!

Just In

Will & Grace Is Returning…

A couple of months ago you may have seen a clip on one of the ‘Weekend Reading Lists’ of a reunion clip of the ‘Will & Grace’ original cast performing a scene relating to the up & coming election in America. The response to this brilliant foursome returning to our screens created enough buzz for a 10 episode reunion. NBC has officially confirmed the Will & Grace revival after the news was originally broken by cast member Leslie Jordan earlier this month. The 10-episode comeback series will be called Will & Grace: The Reunion.

“We’re thrilled that one of the smartest, funniest and most defining comedies in NBC history is coming back,” said NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt. “This groundbreaking series for everything from gay rights to social & political commentary – all disguised as a high-speed train of witty pop culture – is coming back where it belongs.”

The four lead cast members have all taken to social media to express their delight at reprising the roles which made them household names.

I Want

In My Wardrobe…

Head’s up people a new trend alert & it’s going to be big for Spring/Summer, it’s Gingham!

If your like me & have been wanting to look past the sales that are still happening & the dark colours of Winter & looking forward to Spring/Summer & what new additions you can add to your wardrobe then you may have noticed that Gingham has worked it’s way into a lot of stores & it’s a trend that we are going to be seeing a lot more of.

Gingham isn’t a pattern I’m particularly fond of I think you have to be careful of how you incorporate in into your wardrobe, it’s a bold print so you need to wear it, don’t let it wear you & take over your outfit but I do love this Gingham Duster Coat by Topshop Boutique.

Wearing cigarette trousers/ skinny jeans a black polo neck or a crisp white shirt this coat is the perfect piece to finish it off. It’s a classic style & a duster coat is light enough to wear through Spring.  Teamed with the right outfit this coat will definitely have you on trend next season. AA x

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