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By March 24, 2017Lifestyle

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We Stand Together…

It’s sometimes hard to get your head around how somethings even happen, I still can’t believe what took place in London on Wednesday. I was only there a few days ago & to think people were innocently living their life when horror struck. But as always in the wake of tragedy a country comes together, led by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who led the London message of unity & defiance.
Social media plays the crucial role of bringing us together in the wake of tragedies & other big news events, & Wednesday was no different.
Quickly social media picked up this show & support of solidarity on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook after the devastating terror attack at Westminster Bridge & the Houses of Parliament, which killed four &  left dozens injured, by sharing stunning images of the capital.
Using hashtags including #WeStandTogether, #PrayForLondon &  #WeAreNotAfraid, which continue to trend online, locals &  tourists alike celebrated the beauty of some of London’s most iconic landmarks, thanked the emergency services and shared messages of hope, reminding us to stick together & remain hopeful following the tragic events.

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Selena Gomez, 73 Questions…

One of my favourite features on Vogue US website is their ’73 Questions’ & the latest star to take part is their April cover star, Selena Gomez. The feature sees the Actress take part in answering 73 quick fire round questions that can be so random but also very intriguing, plus as well if your slightly nosy like me then you sometimes get to see inside the star’s home (Reese Witherspoons & Taylor Swift’s are pretty cool.)

The singer has always been very open with her fans, sharing her mental illness & that she entered herself into rehab halfway through her world tour last year & it seems that she didn’t hold back with this feature either. She is brutally honest with the publication & it is the editions most intimate yet, as you learn what advice she would give her 15-year-old self.

As well as hearing her talk about losing people she loves, her most prized possession, Meryl Street is her spirit animal, skinny jeans are her favourite trend & how she regrets shoulder pads there is plenty revealed but her love life isn’t one of them no mention of her ex Justin Bieber or her new love with The Wkend.

Just In

The Podcast You Have To Subscribe To NOW…

Over the weekend, I was out driving & lately I am loving podcasts, when you find a great one to listen to it’s easy to become hooked. A few weeks ago, on another ‘Weekend Reading List’ post I announced the new release of ‘The High Low’ which I LOVE, 2 female journalists who bring you quite simply the highs & lows of the week, from controversial topics in the news to their opinion on the latest Girls episode.

But the one podcast that originally got me hooked on podcasts all together was ‘Serial’ if you haven’t heard of it well then go & read about it here & download the series NOW! Well a few months ago, the shoes creators announced they are creating a sort of spinoff, ‘S- Town’ which began when a man reached out to the producers complaining about his small Alabama town, he wanted them to investigate the son of a wealthy family who has been bragging that he has got away with murder.

The wait is nearly over with a trailer released (click on the button below to listen) & the announcement that all 6 episodes will be available for immediate download on the 28th March, subscribe now so they are all available to you straight away or when you have a spare few hours as no doubt we will be hooked.

I Want

In My Wardrobe…

This past week I have really been thinking a lot more about holiday wardrobe. I usually tend to have my main Summer holiday at the end of the Summer period so I always try & pick pieces us quite early so I can make the most of them. I still get to wear them at home in the UK Summer & then they’re packed in my case with some additional new ‘holiday’ pieces of course.

Mango’s new Spring/Summer collection has just been released & it will definitely have you in the mood for Summer. There are vibrant colours & rich fabrics but one item I love more for its simplicity is this khaki dress. The older I get I find that on holiday I stick more towards basics, clean colour pallet & khaki definitely falls under this, it’s a colour that occurs in my wardrobe quite frequently. The belt with its large silver circle is the main feature & will really pull in to highlight the waistline which is perfect. Teamed with an oversized clutch bag, metallic sandals or even a wedge if you’re wanting the extra height, it’s the perfect piece to wear whether heading out for dinner or doing some sightseeing.

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