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By March 3, 2017Lifestyle

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World Book Day…

Yesterday marked the 20th Anniversary of ‘World Book Day.’ Friends who are parents were filling my Instagram feed of pictures of their children dressed up as their favourite book character, some of which I didn’t have a clue who they were as kids’ books have moved on so much since I was reading them but still I love the fact that ‘World Book Day’ has become so popular & encouraging children to read.

I have a clear memory as a child of my grandparents making me a homemade costume for Pocahontas & it was AMAZING! I won of course (not that I’m gloating!) But even back a child I have always loved reading, my head was always buried in a book & I’m no different now.

If you’re a regular reader of Abigail Alice then you will be familiar with the Book Club series where once a month I share my latest read. When it comes to picking my next book to read I take suggestions from everywhere as I read a mix of topics & I love knowing what other people have as their favourite. So when I came across this list of books recommended by 35 famous females well then I thought it was a good selection to get picking from.

Must See

13 Reasons Why…

Netflix has released the first official trailer for 13 Reasons Why, a TV series based on the bestselling book of the same name by Jay Asher. Selena Gomez, who co-produced the adaptation with her mom Mandy Teefy, previously called the show her “passion project” & if you follow the star on social media then you will see that she has been providing teasers and insights in recent weeks.

The trailer opens with happier images of two young teenagers taking in a basketball game & slow dancing at a school dance. It’s then revealed the girl, Hannah, has committed suicide to the surprise of many who knew her. Instead of leaving a note, Hannah recorded individualised cassette tapes for 13 different classmates. “Settle in because I’m about to tell you the story of my life,” Hannah says via voiceover. “More specifically, why my life ended. And if you are listening to this tape, you are one of the reasons why.”

A 10th-anniversary edition of Asher’s novel was released back in December. The tale will be broken up into 13 episodes, which will premiere all at once on Netflix on the 31st March, definitely a date to make a note of.

Just In

New Podcast: The High Low…

You may have seen the post I did back in January of ‘My 5 Favourite Podcasts & one of them was The Pandolly Podcast, hosted by two brilliant, funny women who discussed weekly issues in pop culture.

But this week it was announced that The Pandolly Podcast was no more buy don’t panic…  Pandora Skyes & Dolly Alderton have relaunched a new podcast in replacement, The High Low.

The first episode has launched this week & you can listen to it by clicking on the button below ‘Listen Here.’ In the first episode, the ladies get stuck in talking about the Oscars amongst a mix of other topics. They definitely have the right mix of topics that they discuss hence the name ‘high -low’ anything from the latest Kardashian drama to the world of politics they have a mixed bag that they deliver in their own hilarious manner.

You can catch weekly podcast every Wednesday from 8 am, so if you were a fan of Pandolly, then make the switch now & if not then listen in, you’ll be hooked.

I Want

In My Wardrobe…

This past week holiday talk has been happening & yes I’m very excited about that particular topic of conversation! So with the idea of sun, beaches, eating dinner overlooking the sea in mind my next thought was a holiday wardrobe of course. Now don’t panic, I am not thinking full on bikini’s, beach bags & everything that goes with it but there is always a few pieces that you can pick up pre- Spring/Summer that will serve you well when the time does come round to start planning & packing.

So when I came across this absolute beauty whilst building my wish list on Net-A-Porter I knew this was just one of those pieces that are perfect & a must have for every holiday, whether it’s this year or in 5 years time. You can wear it now with a pair of ankle boots, a leather jacket or a little cape when the weather is a touch warmer & then bring it back out again in the Summer months. With you hair loose & wavy or slicked back off your face, with a pair of oversized gold hoops & sandals then your all set.

AA x

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