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By March 17, 2017Lifestyle

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AW17 Trends To Wear Now…

Okay so I know were not yet officially in Spring, 3 days to go. An yes I can’t wait to start wearing a proper Spring/Summer wardrobe, I seriously need some colour. But with Fashion Week not long gone there were some AW17 trends that were clearly visible that we can start introducing into our wardrobes now. We can be the fashion leaders, not the fashion followers just by picking up on these trends now & keeping yourself well ahead of the fashion crowd.

Now don’t panic I’m not saying you need to start picking up on the latest chunky knit or knee high boots & to incorporate it into your kaftan & summer outfit look as the trends are versatile & easy to sneak into your wardrobe. I was chuffed to see that one of the trends is the classic trench coat, yes it’s making a return this AW17 but they are already in store, I picked mine up from Warehouse & I love the fit on it.

This is the ideal trend to pick up & incorporate into your wardrobe now, I plan on teaming my trench with a Summer sundress & some ankle boots or for a more casual look with jeans, a pair of pumps & loose shirt, it’s a classic piece. But there are many more you can start wearing now, so don’t wait to get shopping!

Must See

50 Wedding Portraits…

This year it is a whirlwind of wedding & hen parties with two of my girlfriends tying the knot & I couldn’t be more excited! It’s such a thrill all the way from the start with the proposal story to the Wedding Day itself & I cannot wait to be a part of it with them but one of my favourite times is now the run-up to the main event.
At the moment we are in the middle of arranging bridesmaid dress fittings, planning & arranging all the little details of the hen parties to make it as fun & memorable as possible. My Instagram & Pinterest has never received so many likes or pins to images that are wedding related there are so many ideas out there now. Ways you can make the most out of your day & help you to achieve the wedding you want, really where would we be without Pinterest, I know it’s given us so many tips for the hen parties, I can’t wait.
But what will help you remember the day the most is the photographs & this is something me & my best friend have been sending constantly back & forth to each other. So when I saw ’50 Wedding Portraits’ well I had to share for any of you fellow brides or bridesmaids who want to make sure you capture & remember the day in the most creative, beautiful way possible.

Just In

Europe’s Coolest City District’s…

 I’m always planning the next trip, just ask my boyfriend & he can 100% vouch for this. I may not actually book anything but I may save endless photographs on Instagram for ‘inspiration’ or spend a few minutes browsing through flights online or as I did yesterday & seen the opening of a new hotel that instantly had my interest, what can I say I LOVE to travel!
When it comes to Europe yes I have done the popular cities, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Amsterdam etc but I do love visiting new places that maybe aren’t as popular. Places where you will hopefully avoid the massive tourist crowds, chains of coffee stores & instead come across a local restaurant that is just hidden away, or an underground art gallery that leads into an outdoor club, whatever it is it’s about discovering new places.
Budapest has been at the top of my list for a while now & I am itching to go but this new list has been pulled together sharing 10 of Europe’s coolest city districts & this may definitely have you tempted. Places you wouldn’t necessarily think of but trust me I’m quite taken with Estonia & who knows it may be on my list this year.

I Want

In My Wardrobe…

Okay so I know this is a bold jacket & it’s not what many people would go for but for me it’s one of those pieces I keep going back to & I have no idea why as I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s my style but I do have a soft spot for it & do kind of love it & do want it in my wardrobe!

You can never go wrong with a bike jacket I picked up a beautiful soft black leather one a few years ago in Donna Karen & it’s a classic, I can get it out pretty much any time of the year & it works. Now with this piece, it’s full on silver & gold metallic so there is nothing subtle about it & yes I do think you have to embrace it & have fun wearing it.Honestly, I imagine wearing it with a floral maxi, studded ankle boots, an unzipped hoodie & the jacket to finish it off for a casual weekend or even festival look. Or really make it a statement jacket & wear a

Honestly, I imagine wearing it with a floral maxi, studded ankle boots, an unzipped hoodie & the jacket to finish it off for a casual weekend or even festival look. Or really make it a statement jacket & wear a block colour, you could go with black but honestly with Summer not too far away I’m thinking all white, cigarette trousers with a semi-fitted white t-shirt with the jacket on the shoulders. AA x

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