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By April 21, 2017Lifestyle

Catch Up

Marathon Training Beginners Guide…

Tomorrow sees thousands of runners young, old, beginners, athletes descending on the streets of London, to take part in the Virgin London marathon. I have always loved watching the marathon hearing some of the amazing stories as to why some of them have decided to pick up their trainers. Whether they are running to complete a personal best time or maybe it’s because they are wanting to raise awareness for a charity that means something to them, whatever the reason it’s always an uplifting & motivating watch.

As much as I go the gym & train doing a variety of cardio & weight classes I have never been a runner, I despised it at school, cross country the thought of it used to fill me with dread.

But when watching the marathon it makes me really wish I could do one, but 26 miles boy is that some commitment, the training for it is insane & from friends who have done it, it can take over your life for a few months but what an achievement. So for anyone who is feeling inspired & wants to get out there & start training whether its for a marathon or a 5k well then this guide is perfect for you. I’m even tempted myself it’s definitely on my bucket list to complete one.

Must See

Best Alternative Festivals…

Last weekend my Instagram feed seemed to be a constant step by step of the goings on at Coachella & I was so tempted to stay off Instagram all weekend as it always just looks so damn good, but I couldn’t stay off Instagram that long let’s not be too hasty. But with the start of Coachella its a sign that the festival season is about to begin.
There are always the usual festivals that people know of, Glastonbury, V Festival which is one that I have gone to a few times but the last few years there are a few new ones that have crossed my radar that I am so eager to go to. First one is Wilderness, in the Oxfordshire countryside,
‘Rise early to run, learn or paint. Swim naked. Bask in the shade of a tree with a cocktail and your dearest and then sing for hundreds on stage. Head from sauna to hot tub then radicalize at a debate. Write a love poem, wander the woods foraging for snacks, try acroyoga, butcher a deer. Go wild at sunset as one of your musical heroes blazes before you onstage, lounge under the rafters of the folk barn with the troubadours.’
It always seems so vibrant, creative & simply fun that it’s definitely on my list to experience.

Just In

Who Killed Sister Cathy…

If you’re looking for your new Netflix obsession, look no further than The Keepersa murder mystery that dares to ask the question, “Who killed Sister Cathy?”
Like Making A Murderer before it, this docu-series, deals with an unsolved murder that has rocked a community. With The Keepers it’s the mysterious murder of a 26-year-old nun in Baltimore, Maryland. The nun, who the documentary says “exemplified this spirit of compassion & kindness,” was murdered in 1969, but her death still haunts this city. It’s why former students & those who knew Sister Cathy are still looking for answers all these years later. The question is, will they find them?
The trailer posits some possibilities of what could have happened. Did Sister Cathy know something about the local high school where she worked & threaten to speak out about it? The scene of a woman saying she could “testify that over a hundred victims have been abused,” hints at what the scandal could have been. The trailer is out & trust me after only watching the 2 minute clip I was hooked & cannot wait to watch this new series!

I Want

In My Wardrobe…

As much as I love a colourful bold print, I have endless florals in my wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with a simple neutral staples too. They are the foundation of your wardrobe & you can create multiple looks with just using the same one piece.

I love navy it’s a colour I find that you can wear in the Summer & Winter, it’s classic & works well on everyone. So when I came across this H&M dress I loved how it was essentially a simple cut navy dress but with a twist, the stunning sleeves oh wow they really are something else. I always think H&M are great for pieces like this, classic, elegant cut pieces that everybody needs but still having that fashion flare to them.

This piece I think is so versatile you can wear this for anything from a lunch date with a pair of flats, or even a pair of trainers if you want a more laid back effortless look. Or heading out for dinner, grab a statement clutch & a pair of pointed heels & you’r all ready & set to go. It’s definitely a piece that you can bring out & re-wear time & time again. AA x