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By August 4, 2017Lifestyle

Catch Up

 A Packing Guide For A Weekend Away…

I’m not a great packer, I over pack by way way too much everything apart from the kitchen sink is in my suitcase. I find the shorter the trip the harder it is to pack, I know the trick is to wear outfits that you can mix & match with but it’s quite simply not always that easy. But now with my new job as Cabin Crew, I am pretty much going to be living out of a suitcase & have been told I will be an expert packer within a matter of weeks.

One of the main issues is toiletries only being able to take up to 100ml per product & you have to cram them all into one clear bag it’s a nightmare but now brands do have you covered. Most of them have invested in small travel size products so you can still take your favourites with you, or easier still take powder make-up not liquid, or a bar of soap & not shower gel as these don’t have to be included in your bag.

The key to most things really is preparation, being organised. If you know what you want to do when you get there, what the weather is going to be like then it makes deciding what to pack so much easier. Stick to the basics that way you can’t go wrong & if you want to add something to an outfit then do so with one piece you don’t need a whole new entire outfit. I’m still rubbish at doing it but with planning & these brilliant useful tips from Refinery 29 they may make our cases lighter & our excess luggage bills lower!

Must See

House Of Z…

I love watching fashion documentaries, I find them fascinating, to see what goes on behind closed doors & the frenzy of creativity. The latest one to be announced with a teaser of the trailer on Instagram earlier this week is ‘House of Z’ documenting the works of American designer Zac Posen.
In 2001, Zac Posen was just 21 years old & already the most buzzed-about designer in New York. His structured, elegant designs became celebrity favourites in the years to come, in 2004 Sean Combs invested in his business, he was on the rise & going strong. But like all fashion fairytales, this one has a dark side. By the late aughts, Posen’s look had fallen out of fashion & his business was struggling & his brand of poshness was on the outs.
But now 16 years later the fashion designer is currently a judge on Project Runway, his designs are a staple on the red carpet & he is the Creative Director for Brooks Brothers womenswear. And now, he is the star of a new fashion documentary called House of Z. The documentary follows Zac around, showcasing what it’s like to be a designer in our times, his journey to becoming a notable US designer, & what goes into bringing his designs to life (behind the scenes at his studio).

Just In

Best Oscars Dresses In Past Decade…

I can’t believe the Oscar’s are here already! It seems as those February has absolutely flown by & now it is here, that night of glitz & glam were the royalty of the big screen dust of the cobwebs & put on their very best, all filed & polished for a night to celebrate the best of the best in movie making. As much as I love to know who won the big titles, Best Film, Best Actor/ Actress the red carpet gets the majority of attention.

My best friend & I are always chatting the morning after discussing who we loved & who disappointed, what we would have worn or how we would have done something differently.

Gwyneth Paltrow has one of those closets we’d like to steal, full of understated yet stylish basics & some of the best red carpet dresses ever (yes, ever). But even Gwynnie can admit when she’s made a fashion mistake. In the latest instalment of Goop, the 40-year-old actress highlights her best Oscar red-carpet moments… & her worst. Gwyneth cites her white Tom Ford ensemble (the one with the cape!) at the 2012 Oscars & her pink Prada dress from the 2011 Venice Film Festival as two of her best fashion statements. Oh how I loved the Tom Ford cape it was classic & sleek, definitely one of my favourites.

I Want

In My Wardrobe…

Okay so this shirt I first spotted weeks ago when shopping in London & at the time I was like oooh but I left without it & as soon as I got home I regretted not buying it so it’s safe to say a few days later I returned & it’s now safely stored away in my wardrobe & I simply love wearing it.

I’ve never been a big fan of wearing a shirt, I don’t know if it’s because it reminds me of how we had to wear them endlessly for school but although I know there a classic I just feel as if they never look right on me. This shirt, however, maybe it’s because of the red stripes, it’s a bold look & I love wearing red but I find it distracting & instantly was pairing this with a pair of slouchy jeans & so slip on’s for a laid back weekend outfit. Or if heading out for dinner, a pair of black skinnies with the shirt tucked in, black heels & a clutch.

I imagine it’s a shirt that I will get plenty of wear out of, even if you’re heading off on holiday this month pack in your case & put on over your bikini or with some denim cut offs! AA x