White Crochet

By May 8, 2017Fashion, Featured

When it comes to your own individual style well it’s quite simply you. You develope your own style over time, becoming aware of what suits you & what to avoid, colours that complement you & those that quite simply don’t. It’s great to be inspired by other peoples style, that’s why I love Instagram & following bloggers as I love how they work an outfit, put together pieces I wouldn’t have considered.

Now don’t get me wrong some of them I know I couldn’t pull off, at heart I’m a girly girl so when I see urban/cool street style I love it but I know I propbably couldn’t pull it off quite like they do but still it’s great inspiration & now &  then you need to bend/ break the rules as you never know you might find something that you actually really love & add it to your wardrobe.

I myself know & you have probably already gathered from my outfit posts that I love wearing prints, I’m drawn to colour & the dresses are usually quite floaty. So when Boohoo set out a challenge for me to break the rules with my style I was keen to see what they would send me, with no idea what it would be just knowing that it was different to what I would usually pick for myself. So when I received this white crochet bodycon dress I was excited to see h

So when I received this Boohoo dress, white crochet bodycon I was excited to see how I could wear this in a way that suited me best. I’m going to be honest white & bodycon aren’t words that usually occur in my wardrobe vocabulary & I did struggle with how to style it whilst still feeling me. I was thinking ankle boots with a khaki shirt for a more casual look but ultimately I decided to keep to what I know & still keep my own style.

As I love dressing up, it was the perfect dress to wear out for a night out so adding some heels I was ready to head out in my new look that I actually loved on whilst still feeling like me, it’s refreshing to break the rules every now & then. AA x

Dress: Boohoo, Shoes: Boohoo, Sunglasses: Stella McCartney.